Whose Black Money is in Swiss Banks?

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PM Modi Traveling Trips and Expenses 

First of all, let’s talk about the information given by RTI that means Right to Information act RTI was filed to know the information regarding the traveling trips of our Prime Minister and what are his traveling expenses? We have come to know that in the previous 4 years Our PM Mr. Modi has traveled 52 countries I don’t think any other resident of our country would have traveled so many countries in the last 4 years The total cost of all these trips has been Rs 355 Cr. All those days he has been out, if we add them up this will be equal to a total of six months that means in the last four years he has been traveling and has been out of the country for six months. I feel he should start with his traveling blogs, I guarantee he will leave behind Nikhil from Mumbai and UIC in terms of blogging whenever they are clicked their eyes are always hitting the cameras No matter where the camera is they catch the cameras straight away so why not blogging And when we talk of Brand deals when YouTubers Brand deal they are shown over the videos but when Mr. Modi Brand deal then it is the news is printed on the very first page.

FDI Growth is at 5 years Low

If they feel that these foreign trips are fruitful for their country so they need to open their eyes to go through the latest report that says that the growth of the FDI is already Yes you heard it right! In the year 2017-18 only 3 % growth has been recorded in FDI In the past 5 years this has been the lowest growth recorded Our government is good at publicity as if we are celebrating the goodness of ” Ache din” this publicity reminds me the outcomes of one more RTI that was filed to know the amount of money the govt has spent on the publicity

Modi govt’s Publicity Experience in Last 4 year’s 

You will be amazed to know that in the past 4 years that more than 4300 Cr. of rupees has been spent over the publicity and marketing of the Modi Government This reminds me of one another report from October 2017 which says that Mr. Modi spent it was when Modi govt completed 3.5 years of rule on average it comes out to be 19 speeches per month.

PM Modi give 775 Speeches Since 2014: RTI

I calculated to know that this total comes out to be 193 days of speeches which again comes out to be another six months of speeches This calculation makes me realize each speech on an average needs two hours of preparation and one hour to deliver the speech and if we consider each day has 12 working hours so which gives us the fact that out of 4 years of Modi govt in rule one year has gone making foreign visits and giving speeches Now there are some common points if the speeches are conducted during the foreign visits we can exclude them but here the domestic travel also is not being included so it thereby compensates as a whole I am not sure of how much domestic travel has taken place because the RTI activist who filed the RTI to know the abroad travel expenses was the one who filed RTI for the domestic expenses but the Prime Minister’s office denied sharing any such information.

Husband Covers Wife in Gobar against Snake Bites 

Another news is from Uttar Pradesh where one lady was bitten by a snake If you face such a situation you will visit the doctor or the hospital to detect the intensity of the poison it has or how to cure it? In this case, this lady was taken to a snake charmer by her husband he denied to visit any of the doctor and hospitals he took her to a snake charmer we call snake charmer as “Sapera” in Hindi that snake charmer asked them to cure this snake bite you will have to cover your wife entirely with the cow dung and he was sitting on one of her side where he was reading all his spiritual prayers to cure the snake bite It sounds very humorous but it’s really unfortunate when the lady was covered with cow dung she became senseless and died.

This incident proves that there is so much of superstition that prevails in the society that they even have to loose their lives because of such superstitions This is the reason i tell superstitious people to leave behind such fake beliefs otherwise if Mr. Modi asks you to do the same you people will also be under same situation There are more two incidents who give us examples of how superstitious we are as humans in our society In Madhya Pradesh, a couple of frogs got married because there was no rainfall since long If a common man does this we understand they are superstitious but when this marriage took place the minister of women and child development(M.P) was also present and she was very glad to let us know that they are doing this to invite rain similar to this happened in Uttar Pradesh there was so much of pollution created because of this they said they are doing so in order to reduce the pollution and they burned a lot of mango wood also If such activities continue to happen the superstitions will let our country down You would have noticed that so much of mob lynchings have raised because of rumors and fake whatsapp messages I would like to comment that one of the root cause behind this is superstitions.

50% Increase in Swiss BANK Deposit by Indians

Let’s come back to the money matters again as we have received a new data from the Swiss National bank this data tells us that all those Indians who have deposited their money money in Swiss bank Last year i.e 2017 From the last three years it was continuously dropping but in 2017 there has been a new spike there is no definite reason that seems behind this but i feel In the last 3 years people were not depositing thinking that govt might take some action but there was no action taken and In 2017 when demonetization took place then this might be the reason for the same In response to this Mr. Arun Jaitley said that all the money that exists in the Swiss bank is not the Black money I want to ask Mr. Jaitley that if that money is not the black money then where exactly is the black money Your govt promised to bring back the black money within 100 days Leave about the 100 days, we have completed 4 years and the term black money has just abolished Mr. Piyush Goel says that they will receive the entire data related to black money from Switzerland till March 2019 which will help us know where exactly the black money is and all the people who are guilty who will actually trust you? You aim at building hassles in the air you did not abide by your statements made regarding the 100 days and you expect us to trust you and elect you again in 2019 Nothing has been done in the past 4 years Now when elections are about to come you are just waiting for the data to come.

who will trust you? The first blunder was that black money will come back to India but now you make promises not regarding the money but regarding the data who is going to trust you?

Indian Rupees is at an All-Time Low Against Dollars!

This all reminds me the condition of our currency- Indian Rupee The exchange rate of Indian Rupee against the US dollar has gone down to an extent currently that has broken all previous records It has touched 69 now If you remember the promises made to us in 2014 Our BJP leader Mr. Subramanian Swami commented that if you give your votes to Mr. Modi so in two years this exchange rate will go down to 35 Sri Ravishankar said ” I am feeling very refreshed to know if Mr. Modi becomes the Prime Minister the Dollar Rupee exchange rate will be just Rs 40 And you can yourself realize the present scenario.

Demonetization and BANK of Amit Shah

we are going through One more important news has emerged related to Demonetization as the mainstream media put in all possible efforts to hide it from masses some people like Ravish Kumar, Vinod Dua and publications like scroll wire are some of the media online who spotted a light on this news otherwise NEWS 18, TIMES NOW, NEW INDIAN EXPRESS deleted this news and ECONOMIC TIMES removed Amit Shah’s name from this story You can very well understand why is it not being highlighted just because Amit Shah is involved we have come across this story through RTI After 5 days of demonetization one bank named Ahemdabad district co-operative bank is a single bank where an amount of Rs 745 Cr. was deposited within 5 days one thing to notice here is the director of this bank is Mr. Amit Shah. One more thing to consider upon is that out of the total no. of district banks in the whole country this is the only bank where the maximum no. of deposits have taken place Third important thing is within 5 days how is it possible to deposit such a huge amount people stand in a Que how much money would each be carrying to deposit after demonetization is a big question! BJP says there is no irregularity and it is absolutely normal to deposit such an amount Now this will only be clarified after investigation what actually is the reality behind but the thing I doubt is if anybody will actually allow us to investigate in this matter So I would like to leave it up to you the conclusion you would like to think some other fun facts I would like to share Amit shah’s assets in 2017 when compared with 2012 there has been an increase of around 300% One more fun fact is in the year when demonetization took place i.e in the year 2016-17 The income of BJP as a political party is increased by 80% and now it has become 1034 Cr. of rupees Another party that comes after them is congress party whose income is 225 Cr. of rupees BSP is 173 Cr. NCP is 9 Cr. and basically all the six parties leaving BJP if we combine all their incomes and if we even double them still BJP has a very high income comparatively these are all the declared incomes of all the parties I am not aware about the undeclared incomes.


Haryana Govt’s New Environmental Initiatives 

 Let’s talk about some good news now Haryana govt has launched a new scheme for all school-going children students from class 6th to 12th will be given an incentive of Rs 50 to plant new trees this incentive will be given once in 6 months and this scheme will go on till 3 years I think it is a wonderful and unique initiative to boost children’s morale and to motivate them to make their surroundings better and to care for their environment Also, children will look after the plants better than elders as they show a lot of interest and curiosity in helping the plants grow faster and nurturing them on daily basis Harayana Govt has also banned all plastic bottles in all of their offices and have replaced them with glass bottles.

Vaccinated against Enciphilitis U.P Govt 

Now let’s talk about Uttar Pradesh In U.P, every child is now vaccinated against encephalitis U.P Govt launched this new scheme of vaccinating every child encephalitis and it was very much successful that UNICEF also congratulated U.P govt for this wonderful initiative taken Since when T\the govt of Yogi Adityanath has taken over, this is the wonderful initiative and one of their biggest achievement so far, however, its effectiveness will be known once the rainy season is here when we will come to know how many cases of encephalitis are notified.

 Kerala’s govt launched The Mission

In south India, Kerala there is a very interesting project Kerala’s govt launched this mission The objective of this mission is to stop dumping the plastic wastes into the ocean Secondly, the plastic waste that is already inside the ocean should be extracted out and should be recycled and reused In 2017, this was introduced by Kerala’s Fisheries Minister and has been very successful so far 25 tonnes of plastic waste has been removed from the oceans till now They put all that waste in the shredding machine and used it for resurfacing the roads 25 tonnes is not much as our oceans are already over flooded by the wastes but this project was currently running in a small town where 25 -30 fishermen participated in it when Fisherman go fishing they find a lot of waste while hunting for fishes They give it back to the govt But this can be very successful if every coastline govt starts following this Kerala’s govt is now expanding this project into several other cities.

Plastic is strictly Banned

In Maharashtra plastic is strictly banned Manufacturing, Sale, usage, transportation Distribution, Import of plastic bags and in disposable items plastic bags and thermocouples are strictly banned this all has been restricted on a very big scale A lot of people are commenting that there will be a huge loss of approximately Rs 15000 Cr. to Maharashtra and job losses of around 3 lac If this restriction would have been done in phases would have been a good option Industry and people would have got enough time to switch but job losses would be there and I would like to comment that job losses are obvious To eradicate this plastic Industry this all is worth it This is not demonetization where there is zero benefit and people have to bear huge losses Plastic has become a very dangerous threat for our county and planet so the losses occurring are obvious tomorrow if there are losses in the coal industry are also legitimate.

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