VITMEE 2021 Computer Based Test – Check Online Exam Instruction Here

The Master’s Entrance Exam at Vellore Engineering College, known as VITMEE, is a private university and its campuses in Vellore and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. On the Chennai campus there are many M.Tech programs which are:

Computer-Aided Design / Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Engineering (CSE), CSE (Information Security), CSE (Big Data Analytics), CSE (Cloud Computing), Communications Engineering, ECE (IoT and sensors),

Integrated systems, mechatronics, power electronics and drives, structural engineering, VLSI design (Large Scale Integrated Circuit Design).

Important Instruction About for CBT Examination

  • A candidate must arrive at the exam room at least 1 hour before the start of the exam, with an admission card (hard copy). If the candidate does not show up on time, she may lose the general instructions given in the exam room.
  • The candidate will not be allowed to enter the exam room after 10:15 a.m. / 2:45 p.m.
  • A candidate will not be allowed to leave the exam room before 12.00 / 4.30 pm, even if the exam has been completed.
  • The applicant is requested to keep the admission card in a safe place and bring it during the admission process. Applicant must submit it upon request.
  • A candidate who does not have the admission card issued by the VIT Institute may in no case attend the VITMEE exam.
  • A candidate is invited to complete the registration
  • The process with the help of the room supervisor.
  • The room supervisor will assign a computer system to a candidate to attend the computer test (CBT)
  • An applicant is not allowed to carry texts (printed/written), calculators, slide rules, boards, electronic clocks with the calculator installation, cell phones, or any other electronic device.
  • A candidate must bring a pencil or pen to perform rough calculations.
  • The test will begin exactly at the time indicated on the admission card and the room supervisor will announce to start and stop the test.
  • During the examination process, the room supervisor can request the admission card to verify the candidate.
  • Under no circumstances may the applicant be authorized to work overtime, unless authorized by the superintendents of the center.
  • The candidate will be able to attend a mock test (online) as mentioned on the Admit Card / VIT website. (Applicants should check the VIT website for regular updates)
  • An exam would consist of multiple-choice questions with the question numbers appearing in the top center of a computer screen and the time remaining to complete the exam.
  • For each question, the candidate must select the correct option with the mouse.
  • The candidate may modify her answer at any time during the examination period.

Test Slot Booking Instructions

  • VITMEE Test Slot Booking is a web-based online scheduling system.
  • Once the candidate submits their application online, the candidate will receive an email (according to the username specified in the VITMEE online application form) with a link to the website and corresponding login information (Username and password). password)
  • The applicant should periodically check the VIT website ( for important updates.
  • Online testing space reservations will be open during the last week of May and the exact date will be announced on the VIT website.
  • A candidate can then connect to the link, choose from the options available in the exam calendar (date and time), exam center, and reserve the exam location.
  • The reservation of spaces will be made in order of arrival, subject to the availability of spaces/seats
  • A location once reserved cannot be changed. Requests for a change in schedule or test center will not be processed under any circumstances.
  • In the event of the unavailability of time slots at the center of their choice, the candidate may choose to reserve a time slot at another center of their choice.
  • It is the candidate’s responsibility to reserve their testing program for VITMEE within the allotted time. The VIT is not responsible for the failure to reserve a probationary position by the candidate.
  • A confirmation email will automatically be sent to the email address of the candidate, who has booked his or her schedule through the VITMEE reservation system.

Required Documents for Counseling/Admission Procedure

The following original documents must be presented at the time of admission:

  • X and XII Std. Trademark declaration.
  • Score sheets for all semesters/years of the qualifying exam up to a pre-final / final year, if applicable.
  • Qualification diploma / provisional certificate (if already received).
  • Transfer certificate obtained from the last institute studied. (If you already received it).
  • Migration certificate.
  • GATE scorecard valid for candidates applying to M.Tech.
  • Certificate of service issued by the employer. (For sponsored applicants, only for M.Tech programs).
  • Community certificate (for all categories except OC / General).
  • Driving certificate.
  • Student profile.
  • Certificate of physical condition.
  • Rates received in advance.
  • Letter of admission and photocopy of the program fee receipt.
  • Four copies of the recent passport size color photograph.

A commitment to good conduct and behavior in a prescribed form (to be issued by the University at the time of admission).

  • The affidavit must be signed separately by the student and the parent on stamp paper of Rs.20 / (format available at
  • Two copies and notification of all original certificates (Applicants are encouraged to make a required number of photocopies for future use before submitting their originals to the admissions office).