Vijay Mallya: Who helped him Escape?

Business icon and a fugitive economist, Vijay Mallya has become such a controversy where BJP blames Congress and Congress blames BJP But who is responsible in actual because of whom Vijay Mallya has run away from the country. We will try to know this truth in this article friends. come let’s see…

Vijay Mallya: Who helped him Escape?

This whole issue once again came in the limelight when on 12th September, standing outside the court in London, Vijay Mallya said that he met the Finance Minister of India before leaving the country. and he even gave the offer of settlement. Just after a few hours of this our Finance Minister, Arun Jaitleyji writes a blog on Facebook Starting few lines will make you think that Vijay Mallya is lying and Arun Jaitleyji is denying it completely but you will see the truth when you will read this blog post further. so basically Arun Jaitley and Vijay Mallyaji are saying the same thing both of them agree that Vijay Mallya had met Arun Jaitleyji and had done the offer of settlement. now the saying “having met me” according to Arun Jaitley Ji what is the definition of the meeting is up to him. but they both talked here however maybe for some time.

When Jaitley Ji was fully aware here that Vijay Mallya is not going to return the money and he is lying or offering for settlement before leaving for London then why didn’t Arun Jaitleyji told all this to the investigative officer? or not to the CBI? This is the biggest question arising hereto which Jaitleyji hasn’t answered anything yet. Even if he caught you in the corridor and said that he is going to London, then why didn’t you told this to CBI, ED that he is going to run away, put him in the jail? Now it could be possible that there must be some mistake by Jaitleyji which helped Vijay Mallya to run away. So it’s, the end of our simple story with the conclusion that there were some mistakes of the Government which gave Vijay Mallya a chance to run away. but our story is not so simple friends our story has a lot of twists.

First Twist

twist arises in our story from BJP’s leader Subramanium Swamy He has tweeted on 12th June 2018 that it was not easy for Vijay Mallya to leave the country because CBI had a strong lookout notice for me. So Vijay Mallya came back to the country, met some powerful person who diluted his lookout notice because of which he could escape the country. So who is that powerful person who diluted his lookout notice? This question is asked by Subramanium Swamy, now how much is the truth and lie in here I can’t say. But I can surely say that Subramanium Swamy is not a very trustable person. But here there is some truth in his talks. CBI has diluted the lookout notice. or when you see the article; further then you will know it in twist number 3 and since himself a BJP leader then BJP’s other leader will have to answer. I would like to straight forward ask this question to Arun Jaitleyji Has whatever told by Subramanium Swamiji is the truth? If yes, this powerful person who has diluted the lookout? This is my straight question to Arun Jaitleyji and other BJP leaders.

Second Twist

The second twist in our story is from Congress leader and Rajya Sabha Member, P.L.Punia Who says that he has seen a meeting happening between Vijay Mallyaji and Arun Jaitleyji. He said that this meeting took place on 1st March and lasted for around 15 – 20mins. Arun Jaitleyji is saying that it was just small talk of just one line but it’s not that this meeting lasted for 15-20 mins. So if P. L. Punia Ji is speaking the truth then Arun Jaitleyji is lying. and what is the truth? then P. Lx8. Panaji says that CCTV Footage can be seen and if people think that Puniaji is lying then he will resign. I dare you to watch the CCTV camera footage of 1st March that is installed there and you will get to know. Either he leaves the politics or I leave the politics. News18 Channel tried to disprove P. L. Punia’s statement but it failed. They showed Arun Jaitleyji’s speech from 1st March 2016, where he was giving the speech after 11:45 So based on this speech they are saying that P. L. Puniaji is lying however this is not the truth. But this is not the truth because parliament sessions can also take place before 11:45 am and P. L. Punia has not specified any time. so we will only know the truth after the CCTV records are been checked. So the Government needs to check the CCTV records now and see how long did this alleged meeting between Jaitletji and Vijay Mallyaji lasted for?

Third Twist

The third twist in this story comes from CBI CBI has released a lookout notice for Vijay Mallya on 16th October 2015 where the immigration authorities were instructed to detain him when he is seen going to and fro from India During that time Vijay Mallya was in London, he came back from London after a month and on November 24th, CBI downgraded their lookout notice as per Subramanium Swamy and this is even factually proven to downgrade the lookout notice it was told that the immigration authorities don’t have to detain but just inform CBI whenever Vijay Mallya is traveling. So the big question here is why the lookout notice was downgraded and who did it?

Who did the Downgrade?

In answer to this, a spokesperson from CBI said on 12th March 2016 that the lookout notice that was released earlier was a technical mistake. Some junior officer had clicked a wrong box, he wanted to tick on the inform box but ticked on the detain one by mistake in the lookout notice form. so actually the downgrade that they did after a month was correcting their mistake. They never had the intention to detain Vijay Mallya. because they say there weren’t enough reasons for that. but on the other hand friends, an investigator from NDTV found out by asking CBI sources that this downgrade of the notice was done under the level of Joint Director of CBI, A. K. Sharma. CBI joint director of that time A. K. Sharma is an important character in our story. Friends he is only one who was at the rank of joint police commissioner in the Ahmedabad Crime Branch when our Prime Minister was Gujarat’s, Chief Minister.

He’s the one whose name came forward in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case too. there were allegations made on him that he delayed the investigation. he is the same person whose name came forward even in the Snoopgate where there were allegations that our Prime Minister and Amit Shah are snooping on a girl in Gujarat. and he is the same person who is heading the Nirav Modi and Mehul Chowksi’s PNB scam’s investigation in CBI. Friends what a coincidence! what a chance that his name is there in so many controversies.

NDTV says that here CBI has broken a rule. the role of the Joint director is that he can only take part in the scams worth 60 crores and if it’s more than that then the permission of the CBI director needs to be asked here. But here the scam is worth 9,000 crores of Vijay Mallya where the permission of CBI director was not even sought NDTV reports that the CBI chief was not even aware that the Vijay Mallya’s lookout notice was downgraded. He only got to know when Vijay Mallya escaped from the country.

So here Rahul Gandhi has put the allegations that the CBI Joint Director A. K. Sharma has given Vijay Mallya an open chance to run away. and why because it was a high profile case. So Rahul Gandhi says that without the permission of the Prime Minister’s office this decision is not supposed to be taken. and the answer to this was given by CBI in a very twisted and ambiguous way. CBI says that. So in response to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations CBI says that we decided on an appropriate level. What is the appropriate level? we don’t know that.

I would like to ask CBI here, what is your this appropriate level? is this the joint director level? is this the finance minister level? or is this the Prime Minister’s level which made you take this decision. People want to know this from you, tell us what is this appropriate level based on which you took this decision? to downgrade the lookout notice.

Now as this controversy started in the media, BJP ministers started finding links of congress ministers with Vijay Mallya. and in response, many congress ministers found links of BJP’s so here I would like to tell you, friends, that there are many in BJP and even in Congress who had had very strong ties with Vijay Mallya or maybe have it even now. Vijay Mallya became a member of Rajya Sabha in 2002 for the first time and that time he was with the support of Congress. Next time when he became a member of Rajya sabha in 2010 that time he was in support of BJP So many such links from both the parties can be removed about his meetings and close friendships with them. During the time of Congress many loans were given to Vijay Mallya but giving loans is not a wrong thing if it was given looking at the proper security wrong thing is to waive off those loans and to right off it. If any person has met Vijay Mallya during the earlier time or had any friendship then it can’t be a big thing. A problem arises when you met Vijay Mallya and he ran away from the country just a few days after meeting you and then you will be questioned.

Fourth Twist

Our story has a fourth twist too friends, reportedly it is told that the management of State Bank of India doubted that Vijay Mallya is going to run away so they took consultation for some lawyer. So, senior supreme court lawyer, Dushyanth Dave says that 4 days before Vijay Mallya fled away he had advised SBI to get a restraining order against Vijay Mallya as soon as possible from the supreme court. because even Dushyanth Dave knew that Vijay Mallya is going to escape but even after his advice SBI took no action on it. Dushyanth Dave says- so what happened here, no one knows but even this shows that many people knew already that Vijay Mallya is going to escape. It’s not that he ran away by mistake! looking at all this evidence it seems that somewhere a chance to run away was given intentionally. What do your friends looking at all these facts? You can write your views in the comments what do you think must have happened actually?


I feel friends, that the biggest problem here is that our CBI is not independent. Our CBI works as commanded by the government in 2013 Supreme court has said that our CBI is a caged parrot and looking at the incidence it even seems so because in 2016 Vijay Mallya ran away, CBI made technical mistakes, But in 2016, a green peace activist was going to the UK taking a flight and there was no lookout notice against her but Government quickly released order and she was caught she was stopped from going there whereas there was not even enough evidence present against her. So looking at this it seems that when Government wants it can stop anyone and when it government wants it can let anyone go even with their mistakes. and the solution is to make CBI independent or to bring CBI in the realm of Lokpal. and how to do it? the best advice for this is given by or finance minister Arun Jaitleyji himself. can’t believe it? this is from April 30th, 2013, Arun Jaitleyji has made a very nice report in the Rajya Sabha committee on How to make CBI Independent he has given a lot of good suggestions,

I will read So these are some suggestions which can make CBI Independent. and Arun Jaitleyji, you have suggested this Now the government is yours. can you take the pain of implementing the suggestions in 2018 which were given in 2013 or not? Just tell this to the people.

Thank you.

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