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More Currency now than before DeMo!

Let us begin The first news is about demonetization and cashless economy. During Demonetization our PM said that a cashless economy is one of the reasons behind demonetization. But in 2 years, not even 2, 1.5 years only Instead of cashless economy, we have become a ‘cash more’ economy. Currency worth 17.97 Lakh Crore was in circulation in November 2016. Then demonetization came. And according to RBI, the data of March 9, 2018, suggests that the current currency under circulation is 18.13 Lakh Crore. that is a lot more in numbers than it was before demonetization. This yet again proves the failure that demonetization was.

No more Unemployment Surveys: DNA Reports 

Second news friends: You may consider that unemployment is going to be eradicated from our country. Not because unemployment is getting eradicated but because our government has stopped conducting unemployment surveys. Ministry of Labour and Employment would earlier conduct annual surveys on employment and unemployment. They began in 2010. The last survey happened in 2016. As they were asked about the 2017 survey report, they told me that they have stopped conducting these surveys. So now we may never get to know how many people are employed and how many are unemployed. What is surprising is this news was shown only at two places: News 24 and DNA. Apart from this, I did not see it being reflected anywhere else in the mainstream media. The rest of the news that I talk about here would be found in the mainstream media but on the 4th-5th page, so it is not highlighted enough. But this news is such, I saw it nowhere, only on DNA and News 24. Don’t know what might be the reason behind this A very unfortunate news has come from Meghalaya and Gujarat.

2 more RTI Activists Murdered in past 2 Week

In the last two weeks, two more RTI activists have been murdered. An RTI activist was traveling on his bike in Gujarat on 9th March A few goons came, attacked his bike, and then 6 goons killed him with iron rods. because that RTI activist had filed an RTI against those goons. The same is the story in Meghalaya. This brave activist was raising his voice against corruption and illegal mining and for the sake of our environment. He has also been murdered on the 19th of March. Unfortunately, the government has no interest whatsoever in protecting our RTI activists. Counting since 2005, 62 RTI activists have been killed. Forget about saving them, the government is keen on killing the RTI act itself. An amendment was brought last year which says that if an RTI activist dies, then the government need not file a reply for that RTI application.

The process of withdrawing 131 riot cases in U.P

While on the one hand, it is very difficult for RTI activists and anti-corruption activists to survive in this nation it is good days for all goons, and all criminal politicians Yogi Adityanath Government has already begun the process of withdrawing 131 riot cases. which include 22 “Murder” and “Attempt to Murder” cases too. I told you in the previous video how the Yogi Adityanath Government is already planning to withdraw 20,000 criminal cases. That process has already begun with these riot cases. These are mostly the cases of 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots on politicians and these include murder cases and attempt to murder cases too. A Mega Clean Chit is being given here. All criminals are coming out clean. This is BJP’s washing machine. A criminal enters and comes out clean as soon as he joins BJP. It is a very effective washing machine. Whosoever centers come out clean and pious. In the last few weeks, Naresh Aggarwal entered BJP. Naresh Aggarwal used to be a politician from Samajwadi Party and he used to be abused a lot when he was there. 2017 tweet: Amit Malviya Ji, the head of BJP IT Cell had said that Narseh Aggarwal is the spokesperson of Pakistan. Another BJP Politician had said that he should be subject to RAW investigation. He is such an anti-national. Now only a few months of 2018 have passed and this politician has entered the BJP washing machine. meaning BJP has taken him in. so as he entered the washing machine, all his Pakistani flavor has become Indian and he is a true patriot now.

Govt’s weird reply to important SC plea

In fresh news, it has come out that a plea has been filed in the Supreme Court that if there are convicted criminals at the head of the political parties then such parties should be deregistered. SC too considered the plea to be sensible. because as of now, the rule is that convicted criminals can not contest elections but can head political parties. can run a political party even if they don’t fight elections. The SC asked the Central government if this should be implemented or not. that if a convicted criminal is the head of a political party, let us deregister that party. The Central government says that this should not be done because the convicted criminals do not represent these political parties, this is the excuse. it tells that the central government is not interested to fight criminals. or to put them in jail. All they are interested in is how they are given a clean chit and how they are admitted into the BJP washing machine and made pure.

Maha Yagya in U.P

One such thing is happening in UP that if you get to know you will beat your head against the wall. A group of 200-300 people is doing a maha yagya together. in which they will burn 50,000-kilo mango wood. They say they are doing this to make the air pure, to reduce pollution. I don’t have words to describe this situation, how stupid this is. The most embarrassing thing has been done by the UP Pollution Board. They will not interfere in the religious proceedings of this Mahayagya. They don’t want to interfere in religious matters. It began on the 19th of March and will go on for 9 days. The Times of India report suggests that sixteen-year boys were participants in this Yagya. Their eyes were wet and red because of this pollution. because of burning the wood, but they continued to do it because of their superstition.

Good News

Elephanta Island in Maharashtra which is a World Heritage Site. After 70 years of Independence, Electricity has finally reached there. To date, it did not have an electricity connection. Everything had to be brought from the mainland. that is why even tourists would not stay there overnight. Finally, electricity has reached there through undersea cables.

Karnataka is soon going to have elections. And before elections, a new kind of a movement has emerged. It is No Job No Vote The youth has united to convey it to all political parties that if no concrete steps are taken to provide employment then they will not get any votes. Vote for Employment is a new kind of initiative and it is pressurizing all political parties. that they should make employment an important issue. Protests are also being held for the same. This is a good initiative because political parties normally remain engaged in the politics of caste and religion. and remain busy with that. But now a large group is asking them to talk about the issue of employment. which party will give employment. hopefully, parties too will focus on important issues.

Very rarely do we hear good news from the country’s Parliament. We generally get to hear that the Parliament was adjourned or there are protests or such bills legalizing corruption have been passed. But one good news has come from the Rajya Sabha members of Aam Aadmi Party. All three have written a letter to the Chairperson of Rajya Sabha that a law should be brought that if the proceedings of Rajya Sabha get adjourned for more than a day or two, then all Rajya Sabha members should not get their salary for those days. The politicians are wasting time in the Parliament using our taxed money. So they should not get any salary for wasting our time. It is good news and historical gesture because it is a first time initiative in Rajya Sabha. This has happened in Lok Sabha although. The BJD MP had said that he will not take his salary for the day Lok Sabha gets adjourned. the day the time of Parliament gets wasted. I would hope that a law of this kind is brought but the chances are slim. because why would our politicians want to reduce their salary.

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