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Gujarat Model Of Development Friends, many people of our nation believe that Gujarat is the most developed state of India From last 22 years, BJP has its rule out of which our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji has been Chief Minister of Gujarat for 12 years Consequently, he boasts in his speeches of spreading Gujarat Model of development to entire India So, friends, in this article, I would like to tell you about the truth of Gujarat Model of development. After all, how much Gujarat has developed in various factors in comparison to India’s other states? Come, let’s see.

GDP Growth Rate

Starting with GDP growth rate As of 2017, Gujarat’s GDP growth rate in comparison to other states has 5th rank i.e. 5th best GDP growth rate across India So, it can be said to be above average (Moderate). but looking at the chart of the 1990s, Gujarat’s GDP growth rate has been extremely impressive. i.e. it has been good from the beginning itself so, no drastic increase happened due to Narendra Modi Ji. in fact when you look at comparison b/w India’s & Gujarat’s GDP growth rate then you’ll see that during 1990s Gujarat’s GDP was much elevated in comparison to India Subsequently, the gap between the two has been similar. So, we can say that from then till now, Narendra Modi Ji has constantly maintained that growth rate.

Unemployment rate

Talking about the Unemployment rate, It’s 1.2% which is the lowest in the entire nation which is a good thing but when we talk about debts i.e.


borrowings on the entire state then Gujarat is the 5th most indebted state in India Gujarat’s debt is approx. equal to 25% of its GDP i.e. 2.48 lakh crores This figure is as of 2017 depicting total debt on Gujarat which needs to be repaid while this amount was only 10,000 crore when BJP first came into power. Normally, debt itself cannot be compared with GDP, so we take debt: GDP growth rate ratio which makes Gujarat 9th worst GDP-debt rank i.e below average This is so because money is not properly managed & funds are not utilized towards appropriate schemes. As per the CAG report, 60,000 crore rupees were unspent for over 7 years in Gujarat.

 Sex ratio

Going further, let’s talk about sex ratio i.e. male: female ratio According to the 2011 census, 883 females: 1000 males under 6 children which is the worst ratio. It is also 6th worst ratio in India in terms of sex ratio. so, where PM boasts of Save Girl Child Andolan at some places & Girl Child development at some other places It is merely a declamation since Gujarat Model Of Development has fared extremely badly in terms of girl child sex ratio.

Farmer suicides

Incase of farmer suicides, Maharashtra is one of the worst states Gujarat does not has a similar bad condition but it is 7th worst state in India i.e. below average 564 farmer suicides in the year 2012.


While talking about roads, road density is a criterion to measure how much road is constructed per thousand kilometers so, in comparison to all other states, Gujarat has 4th rank which is a good rank.

Per Capita Income 

Moving ahead & going by other factors where Gujarat has a better rank involves Per Capita Income where Gujarat has 3rd rank & electrification of households i.e. how many households get electricity is 96% which again gives 3rd rank all over India. Kerala is better than this with 1st rank where 99% of households get electricity.

but friend, the individual criteria quoted by me here for measurement have a small minute problem we do not know how many such individual factors should be taken to compute a final figure so, I would like to use some world-famous indexes like Human Development Index.

 Human Development Index

These indexes source their information from various criteria’s & give weightage like Human Development Index considers how much development has been done on human such as how much is the life expectancy of human then we’ll see how much knowledge is gained by a human during his life level of education, which turns out to be second criteria Thirdly, we’ll consider the standard of living of that person So the criteria of per capita income will turn out. So, the index formed by combining these 3 factors is the Human Development Index which shall be a better measure for comparison with other states so, in the Human Development Index, Gujarat has 9th rank out of 20 states which lies in middle, almost average rank.

Multidimensional Poverty Index

There are similar other indexes like Multidimensional Poverty Index which takes food, shelter, schooling, sanitation, healthcare factors amongst poor people i.e. Poverty Index taken from different dimensions so, for multidimensional poverty index, Gujarat has 9th rank out of 20 in comparison to other states which again is average as it lies in middle.

Composite development Index

Another similar index is Composite development Index which is computed by Raghuram Rajan’s committee This looks into health, education, urbanization, connectivity, and financial inclusion So, by combining these many factors, a single index is computed Again, Gujarat has 9th rank out of 20 in comparison to other states, which again is average and lies in middle.

so friends, by combining all these indexes almost each aspect of development gets covered whether seen from this angle or the other, If development has to be brought into single figure then these indexes play an important significant role and keeping into consideration the earlier criterias we can say that Gujarat is a middle state an average state and definitely NOT a model state since Gujarat has a middle rank almost in each index but it can be said truly that in certain criterias like electrification, road infrastructure and some economic factors like GDP growth rate in which Gujarat excels but some economic aspects like debt in which Gujarat has a bad condition in almost all social aspects like poverty, farmer suicides, sex ratio in which it is below average So, it is good in economic aspects but bad in social aspects which provides inequality in state’s development Economic development is majorly taken by rich people while poor people dont get benefit of such development So, certainly Gujarat can not be considered as Model state because if Gujarat is said as Model state then Kerala and Tamil Nadu shall be said to be Super model states since their rank is better than Gujarat in indexes.

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