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If I tell you that your Name, Gender, Age, Religion, Address, Phone Number, and Aadhar Card number All of this information can be bought by anyone by paying only Rs. 500/- How will you feel? A similar kind of scam related to Aadhar Card is taking place currently in our country which has been exposed by the newspaper ‘Tribune’.

Aadhar Card Disaster 

This is an authority controlled by the government of India which is responsible for all the matters related to Aadhar Card There were a lot of problems related to the authentication of Aadhar Card for example. The fingerprint of an individual was not matching and the data stored under an individual’s name was not correct, In the state of Rajasthan, there are almost 1/3rd failures in fingerprint authentication. To solve this problem, the authority decided to appoint village level entrepreneurs and these entrepreneurs will be sent from door to door in their respective villages to check whether the authentication submitted is correct or not. To check this the entire database where all the information related to an individuals Aadhar card is saved has now been shared with these village-level entrepreneurs by providing them the Admin access. Now what has happened is that people have found ways to make new admin accounts and share access. A new login ID and password can be developed with admin rights and can be used to access the entire database One of them who found this way has now started to sell this information Bharat Bhushan Gupta is the first person to notice this scam taking place, he is a village-level entrepreneur. He found out that someone is selling this information for Rs.500 on Whatsapp The message circulating on Whatsapp states that if you pay Rs. 500, we will give you an Admin id and password using which you will be accessible to the entire database of Aadhar Card. Thus, Mr. Bharat Bhushan Gupta felt that this is a big fraud taking place and anyone can get this information. He went to UIDAI to complain about this matter, tried to reach the authorities by calling the helpline numbers and emailing, but there was no response. Since he didn’t receive any reply from UIDAI, he then went to the media for help and the newspaper titled “The Tribune”, printed this story. The journalist from ‘The Tribune’ verified the story by contacting the Whatsapp number, paying the fees of Rs. 500, after which they received the Admin ID and password using which the Aadhar Database was accessible. UIDAI denied this story and said that the Aadhar database cant is hacked. UIDAI then filed an FIR against the journalist from ‘The Tribune’ stating that because of them the fraud is taking place.

Some people might think and say that what’s the worst thing that can happen if someone comes to know of our telephone number and address, we have nothing to hide. Now I would like to tell that the story printed by ‘The Tribune’ is a very small percentage of the whole Aadhar card disaster there are thousands of ways to conduct scams by using your personal information I want to show some examples of how these scams can take place and also share the scams which have already taken place and finally why Aadhar Card is a very big disaster for us, Indian citizens.

Aadhar Card SCAMS

The first and easiest way of conducting such a scam is known as ‘PHISHING SCAMS’ Those of you who don’t know what they are, it’s a scam where one is befooled to give some money when we hear about it, we only think that only the brainless will be befooled, but the brainy can also be scammed. for example, I am a scammer and I know your name and phone number, I will call you pretending to be a bank manager and state that since you have a bank account in State Bank of India if you want to link your Aadhar Card number, I can help with the same over the phone. To this, I will send an OTP – One Time Password on your mobile phone, share that with me, I will verify your identity and I will be able to link your bank account with the Aadhar Card I am the bank manager speaking and you think that I know your name, telephone number and the bank with which you have an account, you believe that it actually might be a call from the bank. Believing in me, you will share the One Time Password with me, and I will use that to withdraw money from your account The same thing happened with a Rajya Sabha MP not only a common man, now the MP is also a target of this scam, have a look.

This is just one of the many examples of how people can contact and scam you, the most important thing to keep in mind is to not share your details over the phone details like One Time Password, bank account details, etc, in case if someone is calling and saying they are from the bank, tell them that you will go in person to the branch and do the needful.

Another scam taking place is done by the cellular company ‘AIRTEL’ when you go to get a SIM card, the company asks you for your fingerprint to authenticate and link it with your Aadhar Card. In the first try, the machine doesn’t recognize the thumbprint and they ask you to try again now what happened is that at the first try they authenticated your fingerprint for the SIM card and in the second try the fingerprint is used to open a bank account without bringing it to your notice. Since you don’t know about this bank account under your name, all of your subsidies will be directed into this bank account by making it the DEFAULT BANK ACCOUNT Airtel has already conducted this scam when UIDAI found about this scam, they suspended AIRTEL’s license stating that AIRTEL will no more be allowed to authenticate fingerprints using Aadhar Card. but after a couple of days, the suspension on the license was lifted. If anyone wants to read about this story in detail, I will give a link in the video description.

So there can be numerous frauds conducted based on Fingerprinting for example if I am a vendor selling SIM cards, when you will come to me to get the fingerprints done to buy a SIM Card I will do the same thing (as Airtel) I couldn’t get the fingerprint in the first try, please try once more and I will issue two sim cards under your name and you will have no knowledge about the second sim card. You will buy your SIM card and go along your way and I will sell the second SIM card to someone else even though it was bought using your fingerprints. the person to whom I sell the second SIM card can be a terrorist or a thief who did some mischief and while investigating the police finds out that the SIM card was purchased using your fingerprints. The police will be held accountable for the crime and such similar scams can be conducted easily.

Another type of scam can be IDENTITY theft related to Aadhar Card, which has also been conducted by people A story came up recently in which an amount of Rs. 40 lakhs were stolen from pension accounts of different people by befooling them and stealing their identity.

Friends, there are thousands of ways in which scams related to Aadhar Card can be conducted now, one may ask that such type of scams can be conducted with any card One might make an account anywhere like Facebook and someone can hack it and steal your identity In foreign countries there must be numerous types of similar cards available where such IDENTITY theft scams can take place, it’s us who need to be cautious from such scams. Let me tell you what the problem in this (Aadhar Card) Problem with Aadhar Card is that it’s a single point database in which everything is getting linked All the data under one identity is collecting here Before Aadhar card, there was a different form of ID’s like Voter ID card, Driving License, Passport Anyone of these documents could have been used to prove and authenticate one’s identity. Suppose there’s a problem with your Voter ID card, it gets lost or stolen it’s not affecting you, your bank account, mobile number or your fingerprints you can use a driving license to authenticate your identity in case voter ID card is not available there were 3-4 options of verifying one’s identity and all the data was not collected under one place.

Similarly, in foreign countries, there are a couple of methods available to prove your identity and if one thing gets lost, it doesn’t affect us, our bank account, etc. Some people compare Aadhar card as SSN – Social Security Number used in USA SSN is not linked with all of the different forms of identities It’s just another form of Unique Identification, one more form of identifying one’s identity in the USA and because there are multiple uses of Aadhar Card since it can be linked with numerous things its susceptible to being hacked from all of those links as there’s only one database to be hacked with this there are chances of increase in corruption and hacking This is the reason why we get to hear so many instances where so many fake Aadhar Cards were generated So many issues were not there or heard of when there was only one Voter ID card Look at this scenario with a scammers viewpoint, if you are a scammer or thief, you would like to hack Aadhar card as everything is linked with it, bank accounts, mobile numbers compared to hacking a voter ID card, in which at the most you will be able to score one extra vote.

The biggest and most dangerous use of Aadhar Card can be done by none other than the government itself suppose you criticize the government for not having enough jobs and protest against them by demanding jobs The government gets angry, declares you anti-national and deactivates your Aadhar card and because all the services are linked with your Aadhar card, all of them get deactivated too. You cant access your bank accounts etc. you won’t be able to buy insurance schemes and incoming money will stop from all avenues It’s being used like a KILLS SWITCH by the government to stop you and this is not something which you may think might not happen, the government is already doing this, they declare people anti-national from time to time, for example, recently some workers stopped the cavalcade of Mr. Yogi Adityanath (Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh), and started to protest and demand a hike in their pay rate. Police arrested all those workers, they were titled anti-national and the charge put against them – WAGING WAR AGAINST THE NATION and if someone in the government would have got even angrier, they could have got the Aadhar cards of these workers deactivated resulting to no salaries, etc. This is one of the dangerous ways the government can use Aadhar card against you and also don’t think that if you praise the government today, you will be let go. Governments will come and go but the laws will remain forever Suppose tomorrow the opposition party comes to power and you criticize them, then they can also use the same law.

Friends, I hope that by now you might have understood why Aadhar card is such a big disaster Its a goldmine for all the corrupt people, cyber hackers performing Identity thefts Honorable Prime Minister of India – Mr. Narendra Modi speaks some words here about Aadhar card to which I agree This tweet was done back in 2014 before he came to power In three years, his opinion has changed completely, where have those security threats gone now? Please let us know, I want to clear it out as to what those security threats were, what happened to those threats now and what were the questions you asked ? are they solved now? According to me, those questions haven’t been solved, and what the now PM tweeted back in 2014 was right by saying that Aadhar Card will be a very big security threat, numerous ways of performing scams possible which can be seen today. Edward Snowden, one of the most recognized whistleblowers in the world today said something about Aadhar Card, which I agree He has said – Mr. Snowden is blaming UIDAI which is a government-controlled agency for everything The truth is in front of you Friends.

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