Hyderabad Case: Is it Real Justice?

I was wanting to make an article on this topic for several days But I wasn’t able to because I had a cold.. I still have it as you might be able to hear it in my voice, Therefore, please excuse (me) if my voice does not sound normal to you in this Article There is a YouTube Article on the Hyderabad encounter which is trending on number 1 at this moment I’d like to read out some of its top comments to you This encounter like a Simba movie. Salute to police officer Direct shoot. Best justice. Like if you agree Proud of my India. We got the justice guys. Singham in India is back.

Who likes this encounter? Like. Comment. And there are 354 likes on it, In my opinion, I can draw two conclusions from these comments One is that our public has completely lost its trust in the law and order system and the judiciary People have completely lost their faith in the system So much that if the people are showed an illusion of justice being served, they tend to become happy And second is that the people are such big emotional fools that they run towards carving out a simplistic solution always They draw inspiration from movies like Singham and Simba because these movies are so simplistic,

There is a good man who is a police officer and there is a bad person who is 100% bad The police officer is 100% a good person, who carries out an encounter against him (the bad person) and instant justice is served Realistically, this never happens People draw inspiration from movies like Singham and Simba, but the other realistic movies like Jolly LLB the people forget them If you can remember, Jolly LLB 2 was a great movie starring Akshay Kumar Can you recall what it was about?

It showed that a terrorist bribed a police officer to carry out an encounter against an innocent which would bolster the image of the police officer in the eyes of the public The people would think that justice has been done and the terrorist has been killed The police officer would be granted promotion and the real terrorist would get off scot-free And the police officer would also get a bribe This is quite realistic I’m not saying that the Hyderabad case was also such an encounter- Absolutely not! It is going to be clear only after an investigation whether this encounter was true or fabricated and the ones killed were actually rapists or not Although, looking at the proofs that have come out in the public, it seems that the ones killed were indeed rapists

All I am saying is that if today you celebrate this encounter, then tomorrow, there would be definite cases of innocents being killed by the police in fake encounters only to satisfy the public And a lot of such cases have already happened before In Uttar Pradesh, where the “encounter raj” of the police prevails, in 2018, as per an investigation conducted by India Today, there are a lot of police officers there who are ready to encounter innocent people in exchange for money so that they get money as well as promotion One investigation found out that in Agra, where 241 encounters have taken place, A sub-inspector there, was ready to take the life of an innocent in exchange for 8 Lakh rupees Do you remember the case of Vivek Tiwary?

The same had happened there An innocent person was (killed) in an encounter And do you remember the famous Ryan school murder case where a small child was killed in a school? In that case, the police had first nabbed a bus conductor The bus conductor had himself confessed that he had executed the murder But later when the CBI conducted investigations then it was found out that the bus conductor was not the murderer, in reality, The police had tortured him and forced him to confess that he had murdered the child, In reality, it was an 11th class kid of the same school who had executed this murder

So this means that the police was bribed to protect the actual accused and to nab an innocent and put him in the lock-up think about it- it was such a high profile case that had got so famous in the media, Had the police carried out an encounter of the conductor, then these people would’ve been extremely happy The people would have celebrated like they are celebrating today The people would have never got to know that in reality, the criminal actually got off scot-free There are more than 800 allegations of such fake encounters in Uttar Pradesh That is, there are more than 800 cases where the police might have killed an innocent in an encounter and the real criminal might have gone free Think about it- would you want to live in such a country where the real criminals are roaming free?

It might so happen that one day one of your family members gets killed in an encounter (even) when they have not done any crime in reality and the public starts to celebrate that action has been taken and that justice has been served Like this comment. Justice is served. Would you want to live in such a country?

You have to make a decision. What would you choose- Instant action or real justice? I understand that the situation in our country is very bleak with regard to law and order and women safety In the past few weeks, so many cases of gruesome rape and murders have been witnessed In fact this has been happening since the past so many years Situations regarding women safety are getting from bad to worse But the solutions that you have been on the lookout for- encounters are not a solution to these things We would have to look at the root causes of these (problems) for a solution to them The solution here is systematic Come let us see what they are

The Real Solution

The first root cause- there is a severe lack of police in our country The latest available data, which is from 2017, tells us that there is a vacancy of 30% in our police forces That is, our government has said that there should be 2.8 million police officers in our country But in reality, there are merely 1.9 million of them This means that 30% of the posts are lying vacant What is the government doing? Why are more police officers not being appointed? Due to this, there are only 144 police officers per 1 lakh people in our country In order to maintain a sound law and order system, the United Nation recommends that there should be at least 200 police officers per 1 lakh people And they are so few in our country The situation is the worst in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal where is ratio this less than a 100 So if there aren’t the required number of policemen, how would the affairs of the people be looked after?

How would there be enough time for all the cases of the people to be registered? There is a second root cause which is quite related to this The existing police officers are extremely overworked The “Policing In India report, 2019” released by the CSDS tells us that on average, a police officer in our country works for 14 hours a day Look at this graph: 24% of the police officers in our country work for 16 hours or more per day Think about it- we work for 8 hours and so many police officers have to work for 16 hours or more On top of that, 50% police officers say that they do not get even a day off in the entire week We get a Saturday and a Sunday and the police officers do not get even a day off in the entire week How will things work? What effect will this have on their mental health? How will anyone be able to work normally in such conditions?

This report also tells us that Nagaland is the sole state in our country where an 8-hour limit has been set for the police officers and is being implemented The next root cause- the police do not even have resources! This report tells us that 1 in 5 police stations don’t even have clean toilets The are no drinking water facilities in 10% of the police stations Furthermore, this report tells us that so many police officers aren’t even imparted sufficient training to enable them to work their jobs properly I have provided a link to this report in the description, you can read it in detail if you wish to Now some people say that even if the police have done their jobs then the case would go to the court and then the court would set dates after dates and justice would be so grossly delayed for example in the case of Nirbhaya, justice is still pending so what is the use of waiting for a justice like this? Have you ever thought about why this happens?

The root cause behind this is that the same problems persist in the judiciary like the ones in the police system There are more than 40% vacancies in our judiciary What is the government doing? And it is not filling these (vacancies) up Do you remember, in 2016, our Chief Justice T.S.Thakur broke down in front of Modiji while delivering a speech? Do you know why he broke down? Because of the same problems He was narrating how a common man’s faith in the judiciary has been lost and this is happening because there are a very few numbers of judges and so many vacancies are not being filled up by the government There is a paucity of judges, cases are piling up and there is no one to solve these cases Hence justice is getting delayed and therefore the people are losing their faith But the government is taking no action Six years ago Modiji had promised that if he becomes the Prime Minister, then he’d set up fast track courts due to which all the cases would be dealt with within an year Nothing of that sort happened Had the fast track courts been set up, then there’d be better chances of justice being served But situations have gone from bad to worse.

So much so that the existing courts are also facing shortage of judges Another root cause is that our police have been reduced to mere puppets in the hands of politicians If the police do not dance to the tunes of the politicians, then they would get transferred And this is exactly what happens. So many cases like these can be seen In order to put an end to this, the Supreme Court had given seven directives in 2006 as to what changes need to be brought in the police system These directives basically focus on how the police can be made more accountable and how it can be made independent from our government due to which our law and order system will improve.

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