Should Rahul Gandhi Resign?

In the past few days I’ve been offered burnol so many times that at times I felt like I had personally contested the elections from Benaras and as if my security deposit was forfeited On a serious note, friends, after the resounding victory of the BJP, the Congress has dropped in the news that Rahul Gandhi is ready to submit his resignation Should Rahul Gandhi hand in his resignation? Before that, let’s analyze the reasons behind this huge victory of the BJP

Why BJP Won?

The biggest reason, in my opinion, was that the opposition lacked a credible PM face Everybody in the BJP said, “look at the face of Modi and vote for BJP” forget about your MP Although, MP in consideration rather than the PM because be it bills that are passed in the parliament or a new law that is made in the country, it is the MPs that take part in it it is the MPs that work in your constituencies the seat of the Prime Minister isn’t some kind of an iron throne in our country it isn’t so that a God sits on the Prime minister’s seat who makes all the decisions for the country Think about it yourself when you go to buy a new product of any company do you consider the company’s reputation or the CEO’s reputation?

But the problem is that, even while united, we are merely two million people the country’s population, on the other hand, is 1.3 billion we do not makeup even 0.2% of the population of this country So, even if all of you voted to keep your local MPs in consideration, majority of the population voted keeping the PM in consideration and a major chunk of the population feels that Modi is a better PM material as compared to Rahul Gandhi majority of the population has rejected Rahul Gandhi because a probable PM face of the opposition was that of Rahul Gandhi’s

But the country had to pay a huge cost for this people did not vote keeping MPs in consideration and this is the reason behind the presence of a terror accused in the parliament this is the reason why the parliament has MPs facing rape, kidnapping and murder charges talking specifically, 43% of the MPs in the Parliament today have criminal cases against them 29% have serious criminal cases against them you can see here, in 2009,

It was only 30%, in 2014 it increased to 34% and now in 2019, it is 43% of people continue thinking in the same manner, it is going to cross 50% one day if a common man applies for a government job and has any kind of case pending against him, he will not be recruited for the job, on the other hand, our politicians, against whom no matter how serious cases remain pending, be it for murder, rape no matter how big of a goon he is, people blindly vote for him to send him to the parliament

Negative Campaign of Opp.

The second reason is that the opposition majorly ran more of negative campaigns and did not offer a lot of positive solutions to people the most popular slogan of Rahul Gandhi in his entire election campaign was “chowkidar chor hai” this is an anti-Modi slogan. People think that even if we presume that the chowkidar is a thief, what better avenues does Rahul Gandhi offer?

Rahul Gandhi did talk about NYAY, but it was too late the most popular slogans of Modi’s 2014 campaign was “bohat hui mehndi ki maar, abki baar Modi sarkar” (enough trials of price rise, this is the time for Modi government) “bohat Hua naariyon par atyachaar, abki baar Modi sarkar” (enough of atrocities on women, it is time for the Modi government) people could have voted for the positive offers, for the broadcast of the solutions to their problems in 2019, Even though these problems were not solved, the people realized that the other side was not even

Money Power of BJP

Talking about the solutions to their problems the campaign was only being fought on an anti-Modi plank so, it’s better to vote for them. Maybe they will solve our problems because they did talk about solutions last time let us give them 5 more years it’s not that Congress didn’t show solutions or didn’t talk about positive offers at all in fact if you take a look at the congress manifesto, it was far better than the

BJP manifesto in my opinion because they had clearly defined what they are going to do and by when and had talked on a lot of matters about the education, economy and the environment the problem lay in the fact that they were not able to use these effectively in their campaign, were not able to coin these into slogans they were not able to convince the people that they would achieve these targets

Late Campaigning

The third reason is the late campaigning. The opposition started campaigning very late, in fact, Rahul Gandhi gave his first interview on 2nd of May, 2019 think about it, more than half of the votes had already been polled by then the entry of Priyanka Gandhi was extremely late, talks of alliances were ongoing until the very end had these things been fixed before, had Rahul Gandhi started giving interviews 3-4 months prior, maybe the situation would have been different today

Media Propaganda

The fourth and one of the most important reasons was the vociferous media propaganda in favor of Modi consider it yourself, the kind of debates on tv in 2014, and the kind of interviews conducted compare it with 2019.  Today, the issues talked about in interviews involve eating, drinking, and sleeping habits of Modi what kind of clothes are worn by Modi the media was venal back in 2014 too, but things were not so grim a lot of people underestimate this. Media plays a very influential role in setting up a narrative the anti-corruption movement of 2011 had a huge role in the media Anna Hazare had come up to protest against the same issue.

But media did not talk about it at all hence it was not able to transform into an issue or a movement this time, therefore, media can make or mar someone and godi media turned Modi into a god however it was not impossible to counter it is agreed, that the more wealthy would be able to influence the media more, but, with the use of a little artfulness, the opposition and Rahul Gandhi could have influenced and presented their narrative too, for example, when Rahul Gandhi had hugged Modi in the Parliament, the entire media was broadcasting it the opposition too could have thought of ways that would lure the media into talking about their narrative and bringing it forth in front of people

Social Media Effect

Social media presents a similar story. The one who spends more would be able to relay more ads on Facebook and Twitter and would be able to reach more people and build up their narrative amongst them this is exactly what happened. BJP spent more on Facebook ads than the rest of the opposition combined crores of money have been spent the Telegraph has reported that within West Bengal itself, there exist more than 50,000 BJP WhatsApp groups and more than 10,000 BJP workers were campaigning on social media these workers need to be paid.

And it’s obvious that whoever has more money would be ahead in this game talking about money, 95% of the donations via electoral bonds (this is a way of anonymous donations, no one knows who paid and from where) donations can be made in secret, this was the major reason behind bringing in this scheme of electoral bonds legalizes corruption because we are not aware of the source of the money being granted all we know is that 95% of these donations received have been deposited in BJP’s account the remaining 5% was accrued by the rest of the parties you can clearly see the imbalance here in regard to the money involved

Caste-Religion of Opposition

Along with negative campaigning, the opposition also included a lot of caste and religion in its strategy especially in the state of Uttar Pradesh, a lot was being talked about the caste-religion combination comprising the Muslim Yadav and Dalit combination this would be made into a vote bank to win elections in my opinion, this was another important reason behind their defeat, considering people as “vote banks”

I believe that people themselves must have questioned being taken for granted on their voting patterns just because they belong to a particular religion or caste devoid of promises, or commitments or any kind of positive campaigning, should we vote for you because of the sole factor of caste or religion? BJP was very proactive.

They carefully analyzed the constituencies throughout the country that had a negative perception in the minds of the people against their MPs they refrained from giving tickets to these old MPs in all these constituencies in fact, in Chattisgarh, where congress had achieved a huge victory a few months back they did not reissue a ticket to any of the old MPs in that state all their candidates were new in Chattisgarh on the other hand, the opposition did nothing of this sort.

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