New 200 Currency Note Easier to Fake

Friends, you must have heard that the new currency for Rs. 200 and Rs. 50 is out in the market. However, what you might not have heard is that it is far easier to counterfeit these new Rs. 50 and Rs. 200 in comparison with the previous currency.

New 50, 200 Notes Easier to Fake

RBI reasoned it by saying that they had to reduce the production cost. because a lot of money was spent during the phase of demonetization when Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500 notes were printed in large numbers. So now in the state of a shortage of money, they had to reduce the production cost. and a few security features have also been reduced in number. One of these features is Optically Variable Ink which is believed to be an extremely effective security feature that is missing from the new notes.

Anna Hazare Warns PM Modi

I feel that this is really disappointing. Last week the famous social activist Anna Hazare wrote a letter to PM Modi. In the letter, he warns PM Modi that he will launch an agitation against him very soon the one similar to the movement launched in 2011 against corruption, and for the Lokpal Bill This movement will again be for the Lokpal Bill and against corruption. In his letter, he has claimed that PM Modi has taken no action against corruption during his tenure. No action has been taken on the promise of bringing back black money.

He had promised to eradicate corruption but the state of corruption is still the same. It has been three years that Modi got elected but the Lokayukta has not been appointed till now. the government is only advancing excuses for the same.

I feel that Anna Hazare should launch this kind of movement and build pressure on the government. because it is true that to date no action on the issue of corruption has been taken. Demonetisation was projected as a move against corruption but that has only added to the corrupt practices.

Inequality in India Worst Since 1922

A new economic report released two days ago suggests that India is filled with instances of inequality. that the divide between the rich and poor has widened to such an extent that it was never this worse in the last 100 years.

Top 1% population takes away the 22% income of the nation. The present state of unemployment can be compared only with the state in 1922 when India was colonized under the British Raj 2017 records the statistical figures of unemployment equivalent to the times of the British Raj. We may thus call it the Billionaire Raj. 1980 recorded the state of reduction of this gap This is a very sad state of affairs friends.

It tells that all the benefits are being enjoyed by a mere 1% of the total population. and the poor population does not get anything. They only keep paying huge amount of taxes. like the middle classes. This got confirmed by a report from the last year as well that India is the second most unequal country in the world.

After DeMo 40% Fake Notes Found in Gujarat

Another report came out on the 6th of September from the Home Ministry which revealed that after demonetization, Gujarat claims a 40% share of the total fake currency found out in India. I believe this is relevant because Gujarat is projected as a model state. a state governed by Prime Minister Modi as the Chief Minister for a long time.

Almost 4 Trains Derailed in a Single Day!

Friends, you must be aware that railways had become famous in the recent times because of incidents of train derailments. In this regard, the world record of train derailment got broken on the 7th of September. On a single day, three trains got derailed and the fourth closely escaped the mishap. the first in Uttar Pradesh, second in Delhi and the third in Maharashtra and the fourth nearly escaped derailment in Uttar Pradesh when the locals noticed a crack on the rail track and thus the train was stopped. Now why is derailment happening so frequently and how can this issue be dealt with?

Children Forced to Celebrate PM Birthday

The latest news is from Uttar Pradesh where primary school students are being forced to attend school on a Sunday because our Pm’s birthday falls on that day. They should forcefully attend school and celebrate their birthday. I think this is very disappointing.

I have never heard of such a thing happening in a democratic country. that student should be forcefully called to the school to celebrate an existing Pm’s birthday he is not a freedom fighter and a former PM who is now no more. This is happening at the time of an existing PM I have only heard of such things in countries like North Korea. where proper dictator rules, Kim Jong II He can do such things. Please share your opinion on the same in the comments section.

Road Minister’s Push For Electric Car

The first good news hails from the Transport Ministry which is chaired by Nitin Gadkari who is the Transport Minister, he is also the Roadways and Highways Minister. He told the automobile manufacturers that it is time that they shift their cars to alternate sources of fuel like Electric cars and biogas fuels. Their cars will be bulldozed if they continue to use petrol and diesel. The Central government plans that by 2030 all cars should become 100% electric cars. To accomplish this, the Transport Ministry plans that in 6 or 8 months to come, around 10,000 e-cars will be brought out on the road for sale. It is a matter to be observed in the due course of time how successful it turns out to be.

Indian Army To Induct 800 Woman in Military

The next good news comes from the Indian Army who has made a historic announcement. In this announcement, they have claimed that they will allow 800 women to be part of the Indian Military Forces. This move will help to break the gender barrier and finally, women will get the chance to serve the nation by being part of the Indian Army. This is a very historic announcement as there are a very limited number of countries where women get the chance to join the army. Germany, Australia, Cannada, U.s, Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, and Israel. These are the nations where Women can join the army.

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