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National Institute of Fashion Technology There are many types of company tours for the campus in Bachelor of Design (Textile Design): Indian Terrian, Grasim Industries, Arvind Mills Mafatlal Industries Ltd, Nahar Industries, Ambadi Enterprises, Crew BOS, Madura Brands, Himmatsingka Seide, Shingora International, Abhishek Industries, Welspun India, Shades of India, Lin escapes (India) Ltd.

Textrade International Pvt. Ltd, Mura Fabrics, Portico, Creative Mobus Fabrics, Material Exports, Mahajan Overseas, Tilburg, The Shop, Bharat Silks, Third World Exports, etc.

Reservation of Seats

The seats reserved for SC / ST / Candidates with different skills (PHP) / foreigners / SAARC / NRI, in each program are the following: –

  • SC – 15%
  • ST – 7.5%
  • OBC (NOT CREAMY) – 27%
  • Different Skilled Person (PHP) – 3% horizontal reserve for a different skill person (with a disability of 40% or more) covering all sections i.e SC, ST, OBC Not Creamy, and General Category. Campus and program will be assigned on a rotating basis, at the discretion of NIFT
  • Foreigners / SAARC / NRI – 15% (supernumerary)
  • State residence – 20% (supernumerary)

The category once completed in the application form will not be changed at any time

Eligible applicants must meet NIFT eligibility and admission requirements.

Requirements of Each Category are as follows:-

SC/ST Candidates

Applicants submitting their application under this reserved quota must submit a caste/tribe certificate from the relevant authorities of the respective States / Territories of the Union / National Tribal Commission.

OBC Candidates (not creamy)

Applicants applying under this quota must justify the requirements for caste and non-creamy coat. Applicants submitting their application under this quota must submit a breed certificate from the competent authority certifying that they belong to the non-creamy coat.

The certificate must be in favor of the applicant. Failure to present an appropriate certificate from competent authority will render the candidate ineligible for the board and candidates will not be offered admission.

Applications for provisional admission will not be accepted. To sum up:

  • The candidate must have an OBC certificate issued in the name of the candidate and not in favor of the respective parents/guardians.
  • The OBC certificate must not be more than one year old and must clearly indicate that the applicant belongs to the non-creamy layer.
  • The certificate must be issued by the competent authority.
  • In the case of married women who request any course in the reserved category, they must present the certificate of caste in their name. A certificate in the name of the husband/mother/father is not acceptable.

Differently Abled Candidates (PHP)

Authority for issuing medical certificates for applicants with physical disabilities (PHP)

When applying, physically disabled applicants must attach a copy of the invalidity certificate issued on Form II, Form III, or Form IV as defined in the sub-clause of section 2 by a medical authority as defined under section 4 of the rules developed by the central / state government.

In the exercise of the powers conferred by subsections (1) and (2) of Article 73 of the Disabled Persons Act 1995 (Equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation) (1 of 1996). These candidates are required to produce the original of the medical certificate both at the time of counseling and at the time of admission to the Institute.

Applicants with differing abilities should attend counseling for assessment. The course will be assigned to candidates, after assessment of the candidates’ abilities.

The NIFT may consider applications from PHP students to provide external assistance during assessments, provided that the expenses for these are fully borne by the student/candidate. However, it is recommended that the student/candidate organize their external assistant for this purpose as this will ensure a better match to individual needs.

The NIFT will assess the actual physical/psychological capacity of a candidate selected for counseling a particular program/course according to the specific requirements of that particular program/course by a council appointed on each campus by the campus director. The three-member board will include a doctor/psychologist, a faculty from the relevant department (design/technology/management), and an administrative manager.

Applicants are encouraged to prepare for such assessments at the time of counseling. NIFT may use its laboratories/equipment/testing materials to make such an assessment of a candidate’s physical/psychological ability to undertake this program/course and may tailor these tests for each separately, as decided by the Board.

The evaluation is compulsory for all candidates wishing to book in this category. In its deliberations, the Commission will recommend whether the candidate is able or unable to complete the particular program/course requested.

A copy of this order will also be communicated to the applicant in writing with acknowledgment of receipt advising them that they can appeal the order, in which case the appeal will be referred to another Standing Committee at Head Office [HO] whose recommendation will be final and no other representation will be accepted. NIFT reserves the right to disqualify the application in the event of the applicant’s incapacity for a particular program.

The table below indicates the type of assessment that can be conducted by a NIFT Board of Directors for different categories of disability and programs: –

Program Suitability / Capability Criteria / Method
Design Visual clarity Minor speech disability Minor Hearing disability No major locomotor disability in hand, legs, face & neck Sound mental health Drawing/ Sketching/ making models/ colour sense/ operating machines/ computer keyboard manually/ mobility
Technology Minor visual disability Minor speech disability Minor Hearing disability No major locomotor disability in hand, legs, face & neck Sound mental health Operating Computer keyboard/ operation of machines manually/ mobility
Fashion Management Minor visual disability Minor speech disability Minor Hearing disability No major locomotor disability in hand, legs, face & neck Sound mental health Operating computer keyboard manually/ mobility

Foreign Nationals/SAARC/NR

Fifteen percent (15%) of the total seats or 5 seats in each program in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, and Raebareli are reserved for the admission of foreign nationals (residing in India or The Indians (foreigners) and non-residents, who are citizens of India, have an Indian passport and have temporarily immigrated to another country for six months or more for work, residence or any other purpose.

Admission to the NIFT programs for foreigners / NRI applicants will be based on the following examinations: –

  • Bachelor’s Program (B.Des and B.F Tech) – SAT-1 Score
  • Master’s Program (MFM) – GMAT Score
  • Master’s Program (M.Des & M.F Tech) – GRE Score

The campus/program will be awarded through a list of merits drawn up according to the scores obtained by the applicants. The candidate can take as many SAT-1 / GMAT / GREs before. For the allocation of places, the highest score among the tests will be taken into account.