NATA 2021 Result, Score Card – Check 1st & 2nd Session Result Here

The result of the 1st session of NATA 2021 will be declared the 1st week of May 2021. The result will be declared the 1st week of 2021 for the 1st session. NATA is run by the COA (Council of Architecture). Candidates can upload their results to the official website, ie entering your registration ID and password. The NATA 2021 Scoreboard will be evaluated based on the candidate’s performance (the scores obtained by the candidates).

The result of NATA 2021 will be available in 3 formats, namely the obtained scores of 200, the list of merits, and the percentile score based on the list of merits. Candidates must achieve a minimum of 25% in both sections to qualify for the test.

Candidates can take the NATA 2021 exam up to five times in two years. However, only the best score of all attempts will be counted.

NATA 2021 Exam Result

Applicants can consult NATA 2021 The result of the 1st session will be declared the 1st week of May 2021. The date is decided by the Architecture Council. Students must log in to see the result. The result of the 2nd session will be declared the 2nd week of July 2021.

Knowing the result is the first thing that makes students smile, and is something a student most expected.

The NATA 2021 scorecard will be available after the declaration of the result. With the announcement of the result of the NATA exam, a kind of ecstasy runs through the bodies of the applicants. Applicants should check their answer sheets, which will be uploaded to the website before reporting results.

This sheet will also indicate the marks obtained by the candidates in each section. They can request a reevaluation of a question by paying 1000 INR per answer.

The CoA will conduct a national architectural aptitude test (NATA 2021) each year in April. It is carried out to assess an individual’s sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity, critical thinking ability, and drawing and observation skills in the field of architecture.

How to Check NATA 2021 Result/Score Card

Applicants must complete the following instructions to obtain the NATA 2021 scorecard:

  • Applicants must visit the official website of NATA, i.e.
  • Select the “NATA 2021 Result” tab.
  • Candidates will be redirected to a new page where they must enter their NATA registration number and password to access their results.
  • After filling in the details, enter the captcha code as it appears on the page.
  • Click the “Show Result” button.
  • The result will be available on the computer screen in 3 formats: the marks obtained over 200, the rank of merit for 2021, and the percentile score.
  • Download the NATA 2021 dashboard and print it out for the rest of the intake procedure.

The Process of Checking the NATA 2021 Result

  • Students must log in to enter the NATA application number and password.
  • Students can take a deep breath knowing that the NATA result will be displayed.
  • Students can estimate the total marks obtained in each subject.
  • As a result, they will become familiar with the rank of merit for NATA 2021.
  • It goes without saying that students can find out what percentage they scored on the test.
  • Students should use the link to upload the NATA scorecard when they have performed well on the exam.

Inter-Se-Merit guidelines For NATA 2021 Result

  • Suppose there are more than two applicants who scored similarly on the exam, then a ranking is necessary, so this list is provided with the required information that has been found useful.
  • Students with the highest grades in math will receive the rank they deserve.
  • Students who gave the fewest wrong answers in math will receive the highest ranking.
  • Students will rank higher if they get the highest scores on the aptitude test.
  • If one of the two has incorrectly answered most of the questions on the aptitude test, she will be ranked first.
  • Scores obtained in 200 and in each component.
  • Merit list: unique based on scores and tiebreaker rules.
  • Percentile scores based on the list of merits

NATA 2021 Score Card

The board will only be valid for 1 year, that is, the academic session 2021-2021. Applicants must pick up a hard copy to be admitted to various architecture courses.

Admission to the B.Arch course at all colleges/universities will be based on NATA scores. Applicants will participate in the advisory procedure of the respective university for admission to the architecture course.

Details on NATA 2021 Scorecard

  • Candidate’s name
  • Application Number
  • Roll number
  • Section-wise performance in AP EAMCET
  • NATA 2021 Rank
  • Percentile score

NATA 2021 Merit list

The NATA 2021 List of Merits will be prepared based on the applicants’ performance on both documents. Candidates must achieve a minimum of 25% points in both sections to qualify for the test.

In addition to that, they will also be asked to rate the general threshold set by the responsible authority to get their name on the merit list.

NATA 2021 Cut Off

The NATA 2021 threshold corresponds to the minimum scores required by the candidate to be eligible for the assessment and admission process.

Different factors will be taken into account when deciding the threshold score, such as the number of candidates, the level of difficulty of the exam, the scoring system, the number of places available, and the candidate’s category.

The minimum cut off necessary to qualify NATA 20120 is given below

Sections NATA 2021 Qualifying Cut off
Paper 1 (Mathematics and General Aptitude Test) 30 (25% of 120)
Paper 2 (Drawing) 20 (25% of 80)

NATA 2021 Qualifying Marks

Qualification scores for NATA 2021 will be based on the following rules, such as:

  • At least 25% of the points must be scored on multiple-choice questions (30 out of 120).
  • At least 25% of the points must be obtained in the questions in the drawing (20 out of 80).
  • Overall grading scores (out of 200) will be based on post-exam statistics and at the discretion of the Board.

Tie Breaking Rules for Overall Score

The authority will publish a unified list of applicants for NATA 2021 through online mode. During the merit list process, all applicants will earn a unique rank. In the event that more than one candidate obtains the same overall score, the tiebreaker logic will be applied in the order indicated:

  • More overall grades earned on the math test component.
  • Fewer wrong answers on math test attempts.
  • No more general scores on aptitude test component problems.
  • Fewer incorrect answers in the attempts of the aptitude test component.
  • The first date of birth.