5 Year of Modi: Report Card

Let’s look at report cards of the last three categories Governance, Human Capital, and Environment. We are going to use twelve different indicators to rate out of 5 Let’s begin.


While speaking about corruption, we need to pay attention that the current Government is the one who is hiding the unemployment data It manipulates the GDP Data It wants to keep Institution under pressure. So friends now just think who else is left to expose the corruption? Media had a big role to play in the 2011 Anti Corruption Movement But friends, now the same TV media, majority of them have become embedded with Government. Few honest journalists have been thrown out of the Channels. Let’s take Rohini Singh´s example She is the same journalist, who had exposed Robert Vadra´s case in 2011 Then the entire media supported her story openly. But now, when she exposed Jai Shah´s story, how many media houses covered it?

Recently Caravan Magazine had published an explosive story, where , Yeddyurappa, allegedly had bribed many senior BJP Cabinet Ministers with crores of rupees. There is not even an investigation conducted on this matter. How will the truth come out? Who is going to expose these corruption scams when BJP Govt. itself has control over these institutions. No Institution remains independent. Former RBI Chairman, Raghuram Rajan, had submitted Bank Frauds List to PMO 3 years ago itself, No action has been taken on it till now.

The most infamous scam 2G, probably because of which BJP came to power, What happened to it now? Nothing happened! They didn’t find anything. They gave Clean Chit to everyone. In 2014, Uma Bharti from BJP had said, if they come to power they will send Robert Vadra to jail. But today Amit Shah says, they never said that they will send Robert Vadra to jail… We NEVER said we will put Rober Vadra in jail. We said we will put CORRUPT people in jail. Anchor: So Rober Vadra is not CORRUPT? Amit Shah: Are you not going to let me speak.

At least protect my right to speak Anchor: You speak well. It is nice to hear from you speak. Amit Shah: Now listen to me. We NEVER said we will put Robert Vadra in jail. But we had said we will send Corrupt people to jail. And we also said Robert Vadra has done rampant corruption. What are you trying to SAY?!! The most unfortunate thing is, in the last 70 years, for the first time, Modi Govt. has legalized corruption through Electoral Bonds in India. Now any company can donate to any political party anonymously. You can’t even compare it with even the biggest corruption of previous political parties till now. Actually I should give negative number. Since I can’t give less than ´zero´ So Modi Govt. gets ´0´

Strength of Institutions

Any democracy’s strength can be measured based on how strong their public institutions are. Because of these institutions India is a truly Democratic Country and not a dictatorship or fake democracy. But in this Govt.´s term we have seen that, Public Institutions are in bad conditions and are less independent. India´s topmost investigating agency CBI witnessed a public clash with 2 top-ranking officers. Central govt tried to play an active role in it from the beginning.

Election Commission which is believed to be an impartial and independent body, came under the clout of doubt, when…. they announced Himachal Pradesh election dates but…not Gujrat´s. Because of which PM could conduct a Rally in Gujrat. Again for the first time in independent history of India, 4 Supreme Court judges called a Press Conference to tell the country that even Supreme Court´s integrity is in danger. RBI also has seen 2 Governor resignations. One of them especially, was clearly under pressure from the Government. This is why we rate Mod Government 0 out of 5

National Security

Defence Minister said after 2014 no major terrorist attacks have happened in India. But Uri, Gurdaspur, Pathankot and Pulwama attacks not considered terrorist attacks? But it is true that there were no terrorist attack in the mainland of India. But if you check the statistics, there were no terrorist attacks in mainland India after 2011-12. In North-East and Maoist areas security has improved.

Both civilian and military deaths are less under Modi Govt. compared to the previous govt. But in Kashmir the situation is getting worse day by day. Terrorist attacks, civilian & military deaths have increased, Kashmir youth radicalization has grown exponentially. On the other side, BJP Govt is trying to projecting itself strong by claiming (stealing) army´s credits. Friends, Keeping all this in mind, Modi Government gets 2 out of 5

Foreign Policy

This government has a mixed performance on foreign policy. After becoming PM, Modi traveled to 48 countries and visited 55 countries, The total expenses was over 2,000 crores. But there were many positive developments too. To compete with China´s global rice, India deepened its partnership with countries like Japan, Australia and Vietnam. One of the proofs is creation of ´Quadratic Security Dialogue´ India´s friendship has grown with Gulf countries.

As a result India was invited as a guest of honor in OIC. Because of this government´s policy, India´s relationship with its´direct neighbor countries has gone worse. China has taken advantage of the situation and is trying to increase its influence in those regions. For example, in 2015 India and Nepal´s relationship strained when India tried to support a constitutional coup in Nepal.

Due to mounting bad relationships with the Maldives, at some point, Maldive Government was rejecting all India visas. Now even Srilanka has begun to depend more on China for support. Efforts have been made to normalize the relationships but we cannot conclude that it is 100%. It is very difficult to predict how India´s relationship with Pakistan will be especially after the Balakot airstrike. Even to know if this airstrike impacted Pakistan backed terrorism at all. Pakistan Govt. has taken only a few token steps towards these terrorism groups. For now, there is no strategic change in view.

Why? To know more about it see the video whose link is in the description. To judge any of India´s Foreign Policy, it is very important to have a partnership with the world’s powerful countries. which means the US, Russia, and China. But BJP Govt. has failed in all the three. Despite two attempts from India with the US, no bilateral agreement has been signed. India´s relationship with Russia has deteriorated while Pakistan and Russia´s relationship has improved. And with China, this government has consistently failed. In the UN, China objected to Pakistan´s Masoor Azad to be declared as a terrorist. For these reasons in Foreign Policy, we give Modi Government 2 out of 5.

Law & Order

Global Impunity Index sees respect for security, justice, and human rights. Friends, India was ranked the second last out of 69 countries in 2017. Apart from rankings, in reality, all you get to see is, mob lynching and mob rule, which has become a new norm under Modi Government. Be it Pehlu Khan´s lynching, be it Whatsapp forwards, be it child trafficking rumors, you get to see mob lynching everywhere. Friends, you must be wondering what has BJP got to do with all these.

BJP is directly involved in this. After the Pehlu Khan lynching in Rajasthan, BJP MLA says we have no regrets. In Bulandshahar mob lynching BJP MLA says it was Police Officer´s mistake not the mob´s Take the recent incident, the Dadri lynching´s main accused was seen sitting in the front seat with Yogi Aditynath at a rally. Above all, Modi Govt. has delayed in appointing judges in the judiciary. Looking at all these indicators, the BJP government gets 0 out of 5 in Law and Order.


UN´s Human Development Index uses three parameters to rank each country. Life Expectancy, Gross National Income, and Education During the UPA Govt. period our ranking was lower but with NDA Govt. it has improved. This is definitely a GOODNEWS! But what you need to know is,, our raw scores had improved during both UPA and NDA. Due to other countries, relative scores HDI ranking increased during NDA & decreased during UPA. Other than these 3 indicators, there are many other issues that need improvement. Like, Gender Equality That’s why for Human Development Index, we give BJP Government 3 out of 5


There is a historic reason behind India´s poor ranking in HDI. That is, growing Gender Inequality OXFAM report says India´s 1% population controls 73% of the entire country’s wealth. This inequality is on the rise for many years. Both during UPA and Modi Govt. So we cannot blame Modi completely. One thing you can blame Modi for is Crony Capitalism. because of which inequality in on the rapid rise. Government gives preferential treatment to a few top, handpicked companies. It is said allegedly that Modi is hand in glove with Adani and Ambani. On the other hand, this government has not taken any steps to reduce inequality. Keeping all these in mind Modi Govt gets 1 out of 5 in Inequality Category.

Public Health

Modi Government has performed well in the Health Sector. India´s health as a percentage of GDP has been the lowest in the world. But in 2018, Modi announced that by 2025 India´s health expenditure will be 2.5% of the GDP. According to the India Spend Analysis, we are on track to meet this goal. In the Health Sector, this government’s schemes are not very effective. Like their main program Ayushman Bharat scheme, also called ´Modi Care´ was launched with grandeur. In reality, it is not any new scheme.

This scheme was launched in 2016 but was not implemented for 2 years. Govt. claims to cover 10 crore people up to 5 lakh health insurance through this scheme. The government needs 50,000 crores for this scheme to be successful. But it´s the budget allocation is only 2 crores. Experts have mixed reviews on another scheme ´Mission Indra Dhanush´ Some say it has done well, but the rest are of the opinion that due to poor data and lack of funds it has become ineffective. So, on health, we rate Modi Government 3 out of 5


If we look at the Modi Governments Education budget in percentage, it is reducing every year. 2019, Delhi Govt. has allocated 26% of the total budget towards Education, while Modi Govt. has allocated a mere 3.5 % of the total budget!! This 3.5% budget allocation for Education is the lowest in the last 10 years! Modi Govt. has failed in conducting fair examinations. 2018 CBSE question papers got leaked. SSC Scam is still to be conclusive.

Supreme Court nullified AIPMT Exams due to mass cheating in the exam hall. Education Institutions are getting politicized. RSS appointees were pushed to be VC in every Education Institution. Purvanchal University VC, who has close ties with BJP ministers, encouraged his students to kill people. The non-existing JIO University gets an Eminence Tag. The positive points are new IIMs and IITs have been built. Mod Government gets 1 out of 5 in Education.


Modi Govt. increased ISRO´s budget both in 2014 & 2019 and also announced India´s first manned space machine. Recently, India successfully tested its first Anti-Satelite missile system Unfortunately in Science we have only these many achievements. From the last 20 years, the expenditure on Research & Development has been only 0.6-0.7% of the GDP. Even this government has not tried to improve it. But it doesn’t come as any surprise. Come to think of it, how many times, in the last 5 years, this Govt. has tried to mix mythology and science Our PM went to extent of saying Genetic Science existed in Indian ancient times.

Rajasthan Education Minister said cows exhale oxygen. Many controversial speeches were given in the Indian Science Congress also. In one such conference, it was that, said Interplanetary travel planes existed during the Vedic period. Because of such incidents, Scientists did a march against growing ´pseudoscience´ in India. On one hand space achievements are being highlighted and on the other hand on the ground, scientific progress is being stopped, On Scientific Research the govt.gets 1 out of 5

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