MH CET Law 2020 Cut Off – Check Category Wise Cut Off Mark Here

MH CET Law Cut Off 2020 will be published after the statement of results. State Common Entrance Test Cell is the ruling body for MH CET 2020. Maharashtra Common Entrance Test is the exam better known as MH CET. It has been structured by the joint state entrance test cell that takes the exam to a large number of state-level students.

The MH CET is the most requested exam chosen for admission to the three-year LL.B and the five-year LL.B. Course B. In the state of Maharashtra, you will see a variety of private and government universities offering law courses.

MH CET LAW 2020 Cut Off

The threshold is the minimum qualifications that applicants need to be admitted to the university of their choice for three- and five-year undergraduate law courses. The cut-off scores are also considered the maximum scores achieved by the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test for seats in the Maharashtra government law schools.

The result of MH CET 2020 will be declared in May 2020 for LLB. 5 years and the 2nd week of June 2020 for the 3-year LL.B course. The DHE, which takes place in the Directorate of Higher Education, will decide the cut-off points of the MH CET 2020 after the result received by the students. Applicants can pass the threshold based on the level of the entrance tests, the grades obtained by the students, the total population of the test. It will be announced in May 2020 (5-year law course) and June 2020 (3-year law course).

The MH CET Law 2020 counseling will begin from the last week of June 2020. The cutoff will be generated for the law courses. The threshold depends on various factors such as the total number of students, the level of difficulty of the Maharashtra law entrance exam.

MH CET Law Cut off 2020

  • Students applying for the Maharashtra Law Entrance Test will be limited to being admitted to law courses.
  • DHE Maharashtra will be responsible for producing the cut, but DHE has no authority over the announcement of the 2020 MH CET cut.
  • She intends to teach the law courses by the court so that you can familiarize yourself with the minimum and maximum grades necessary to be admitted to the law courses.
  • Each college has different thresholds and different courses, there are different thresholds decided by the institutes.
  • Each assessment offered by the university will offer a different threshold.

MH CET Law 2020 Expected Cutoff

Candidates can check the 2020 MH CET LAW cap calculated based on the level of difficulty of the entrance test, the average scores obtained by the test candidates, the total test population, and the threshold trend from previous years.

Applicants can check the opening and closing marks of the participating MH CET LAW 2020 universities mentioned below.

College Name General Category Marks/Cut Off SC Opening & Closing Rank SC Opening & Closing Rank
Government Law College Mumbai-240 seats 5-year integrated LLB, 3-year LLB-320 seats Opening-144 129 127
Closing-127 98 91
Indian Law Society Law College Pune-5-year integrated LLB-240 seats, 3-year LLB-160 seats Opening-143 109 103
Closing-111 77 75
Gopaldas Jhamatmal Advani Law College Mumbai 3-year LLB-300 seats Opening -139 108 104
Closing-101 67 65
Dr. Ambedkar College of Law Mumbai- 3-year LLB -320 Seats Opening-134 103 96
Closing-101 65 61
Kishinchand Chellaram Law College Mumbai 5-year integrated LLB-180 seats 3-year LLB-140 seats Opening-133 100 91
Closing-101 55 51
Rizvi Law College Mumbai 5-year integrated LLB-200 seats 3-year LLB-120 seats Opening-138 104 96
Closing-88 55 45
New Law College Mumbai 3-year LLB-180 seats Opening-139 108 99
Closing-112 67 61
St. Wilfred’s College of Law Mumbai Opening-127 93 83
Closing-88 43 37
Manikchand Pahade Law College Mumbai Opening-121 99 97
Closing-56 52 49
Shankarrao Chavan Law College Pune Opening-131 102 97
Closing-98 67 61
Shri Shivaji Maratha Law College Pune Opening-127 102 97
Closing-98 67 61
Vidya Prasarak Mandal TMC Law College Thane Opening-129 102 97
Closing-98 67 61

MH CET Law 2020 Rank Predictor

Candidates can check their expected Rank based on their expected score. Based on the Rank, MH CET 2020 will invite the students for MH CET LAW 2020 Counselling.

Marks Obtains in MH CET LAW 2020 Expected Rank Range
Less than 30 45,000
30 – 40 45000 – 30000
41 – 61 30000 – 16000
61 – 70 16000 – 8000
70 – 80 8000 – 6000
80 – 91 6000 – 4000
91 – 113 4000 – 1000
112 – 120 1000 – 250
120 + 250 – 1

Government Law College, Mumbai Previous Year Cutoff

Third Merit List


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
Open 92.80 87.85
Scheduled Caste 57.23 58.00
Other Backward Classes 62.77 60.46


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
Open 95.40 90.31
Scheduled Caste 66.92 64.62
Other Backward Classes 71.69 70.92


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
Open 91.40 91.20
Scheduled Caste 60.15 59.23
Other Backward Classes 62.46 58.00

Second Merit List


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
Open 94.60 88.30
Scheduled Caste 68.62 66.00
Scheduled Tribe 57.00 45.08
Other Backward Classes 78.40 71.67


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing  Marks (%AGE)
Open 95.40 94.50
Scheduled Caste 73.08 71.23
Other Backward Classes 71.40 69.08


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
Open 96.60 91.08
Scheduled Tribe 55.50 52.77
Other Backward Classes 80.60 74.92

ILS Law College, Pune Previous Year Cutoff

First Merit List


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
Open (Outside Maharashtra State) 98.00 96.40
Open (Inside Maharashtra State) 94.80 90.20
NT/VJNT 58.15 83.08
Scheduled Caste 83.08 58.15
Other Backward Classes 82.00 73.85


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
Open (Outside Maharashtra State) 98.17 96.10
Open (Inside Maharashtra State) 96.20 92.40
NT/VJNT 83.38 63.23
Scheduled Caste 82.92 62.62
Other Backward Classes 82.31 74.46
Physically Handicapped 81.17 78.00


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
Open (Outside Maharashtra State) 98.08 95.30
Open (Inside Maharashtra State) 94.80 87.60
NT/VJNT 82.92 68.92
Scheduled Caste 83.23 60.31
Other Backward Classes 84.50 65.85
Physically Handicapped 92.00 79.20

Second Merit List


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
NT/VJNT 71.58 63.83
Scheduled Caste 61.67 60.33
Other Backward Classes 62.05


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
Other Backward Classes 65.33 56.00


Category Opening Marks (%AGE) Closing Marks (%AGE)
NT/VJNT 60.89 60.00
Scheduled Caste 65.16
Other Backward Classes 62.68 61.95