List of Courses Offered in CUCET 2021 (Available) – Check College List Here

CUCET stands for Center University Common Entrance Test, candidates can pay the exam fee through SBI’s offline Challan mode and pay online also with their debit/credit card.

After a successful online payment, an automatic email and text message will be sent to the email id and mobile phone number you provided in the request form.

Courses Offered

List of Integrated and UG Programme [3, 4, five years]

Courses Offered Subject Offered By
Integrated B.Tech Power & Energy Engineering CUKNK
Integrated B.Tech. Information & Communication CUKNK
Integrated M. Tech. Water Engineering & Management CUJHD
Integrated M. Tech. Energy Engineering CUJHD
Integrated M.Sc. Applied Physics CUJHD
Integrated M.Sc. Physics CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Physics CUTND
Integrated M.Sc. Physics CUJAM
Integrated BSc-MSc Physics LUKAS
Integrated M.Sc. Applied Chemistry CUJHD
Integrated M. Sc. Chemistry CURAJ
Integrated M. Sc. Chemistry CUTND
Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry CUJAM
Integrated M.Sc. Applied Mathematics CUJHD
Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics CUTND
Integrated B.Sc.-M.Sc. Mathematics CUKAS
Integrated M.Sc. Statistics CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Computer Science CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Zoology CUJAM
Integrated BSc-MSc Zoology CUKAS
Integrated M.Sc. Life Sciences CUJHD
Integrated M.Sc. Life Sciences CUTND
Integrated M.Sc. Biochemistry CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Biotechnology CURAJ
Integrated BSc-MSc Biotechnology CUKAS
Integrated M.Sc. Microbiology CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Botany CUJAM
Integrated M.Sc. Environmental Science CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Environmental Science CUJHD
Integrated M. Tech Nanotechnology CUJHD
Integrated M. Tech Geo-informatics CUJHD
B.Sc. Textiles CUTND
Integrated M.A. English Studies CUJHD
Integrated M.A. Far East Lang.[Chinese] CUJHD
Integrated M.A. Far East Lang.[Korean] CUJHD
Integrated M.A. Far East Lang.[Tibetan] CUJHD
B. A. International Relations CUKER
Integrated M.A. Culture Studies – Indigenous Culture CUJHD
Integrated M.A. International Relations CUJHD
Integrated M.A. Mass Communication CUJHD
Integrated M.B.A. Business Administration CUJHD
Integrated M.Sc. Economics CURAJ
Integrated M.A. Economics CUTND
BA Vocal Music/Theatre CUJHD
Integrated B.A. LLB/ B.Com. B.A. LLB/ B.Com. LLB CUKAS
B.Voc. Retail and Logistic Management CUKAS
B.Voc. Retail Management CUJAM
B.Voc. Tourism and Hospitality Management CUKAS
B.Voc. Tourism and Travel Management CUJAM
B.P.A. Music CUTND
Integrated M.A. English CUKNK
Integrated M.A. Economics CUKNK
Integrated M.Sc. Psychology CUKNK
Integrated M.Sc. Geography CUKNK
Integrated M.Sc. Geology CUKNK
Integrated B.Sc. & M.Sc. CUKNK

Admission Criteria to Ph.D. program for the session

No one will be considered for admission unless they have appeared at CUCET. However, NET-JRF is exempt.

The University will not award scholarships in any center.

The valid qualified candidate for NET-JRF will be exempt from a test and will be weighed 75 written test points. However, they must apply at CUCET and appear at the interview.

For admission to the doctorate. In the program, applicants working on CUPB research projects and those with government funding. from India / RGNF / MANF, etc. They must pass the written entrance exam and the doctoral interview.

CUCET 2021 Admission Procedure Details

The candidate who has scholarships from external sources will be preferred first if they qualify for the test/interview and are eligible.

The candidate who receives financial support such as RGNF, MANF, etc., will have priority over those who did not benefit from any financial support, subject to an entrance examination.

Those who do not have financial support will remain in a panel against vacant positions, if applicable, after the admission of the above. The panel will be valid until the next call/admission process.

The candidate to the panel will be provisionally registered for a doctorate. and they will be eligible to have their requests sent to external agencies such as RGNF, MANF, etc.

If they receive a scholarship or are selected in a Central Punjab University project, these applicants must be registered for a PhD. and authorized to begin course work.

The interview will be conducted at the center level by the center coordinator with 02 members of the teaching body. The Center verifies eligibility for admission to the doctorate. Class. The dean of the school will be the president/coordinator of the doctorate. Admission.

The Center’s Interview Committee will also verify all original documents of applicants and will be responsible for compliance with the prescribed rules.

In the case of the candidate who is part of a panel and wants to apply for financial aid from the government. Agencies like RGNF / MANF, etc. You must submit an affidavit stating that if you do not obtain a scholarship within the validity period of the panel, you will not be entitled to admission to the doctorate. class.