Karnataka Crisis: One Nation One Party?

Are the politicians of our country as venal as our “godi media”? That is they’d dance to the tunes of the party which will offer them more money Has this become the condition of politics in our country today?

Karnataka Crisis

Karnataka and Goa Come let us see what is actually happening And then we’ll see how it affects our democracy Whatever is happening in Karnataka today has its genesis in the election results of Vidhan Sabha last year when BJP had secured 104 seats Congress and JDS, combined had scored 116 The majority mark was at 112 The game of thrones that ensued then has been explained by me in detail in this video A lot had happened Talking overall, BJP was striving to form the government in whatever way it could despite being in minority by indulging in horse-trading and misusing the Governor Whatever happened is extremely long and complicated.

I’ve explained it all in this video and you can go watch One year later, reports still poured in about how the BJP was trying to buy over the Congress- JDS MLAs The media branded it as “Operation Kamal” In February 2019, Congress released a sting Operation and video proofs Showing how BJP MPs were caught red handed buying over JDS MLAs Finally, on 8th July 2019, you could say that “Operation Kamal” was successful On this 16 Congress and JDS MLAs resigned

Now, in such a case the strength of Congress and JDS MLAs reduced to 100 And BJP became the majority party with 104 seats Things took an interesting twist when the Speaker of the Assembly did not accept their resignations So these MLAs that wanted to resign approached the Supreme Court sought permission to resign as soon as possible What transpired next was no less than a Bollywood movie Some of their MLAs stayed in a hotel in Mumbai BJP leaders were around them and had surrounded them None of the Congress leaders were able to contact them Some Congress leaders got bookings in the same hotel in Mumbai so that they could meet their MLAs But Mumbai police arrived at the scene and prevented the Congress leaders from going inside

The bookings made in the hotel were canceled by the hotel by stating that there was an emergency situation ongoing at the hotel and hence They could not allow bookings in their hotel A wholehearted effort was made to prevent the Congress from meeting those MLAs wanting to resign On 12th July, the Supreme Court decided that status quo should be maintained until 16th July That is, at least until 16th July, the Speaker need not accept their resignations Now the situation here is that in whatever time the Congress and JDS are able to get, the more they’re able to talk with their MLAs, the more will they be able to convince them to not resign You can fully well understand how they are going to convince them The manner in which they must have been convinced to resign, the same way would be used to convince them to not resign Now, I don’t have any proof that they are being bribed to both resign or not to resign

But you yourself can understand here Only a fool would think that there’s no transaction of money in this scenario Talking about money, I’d like to bring to your notice that so many Karnataka MLAs are crorepatis 97% of them are crorepatis from beforehand 99% of the Congress MLAs are crorepatis 98% of the BJP MLAs are crorepatis 99% of the JDS MLAs are crorepatis This has been found by an ADR report Do you think there’d be talks of less than 100 crores to buy over such MLAs? They cannot be bought over by a mere crore On 14th July, BJP’s Yeddyurappa challenged to hold a trust vote in the Assembly as soon as possible A trust vote is held to make all the MLAs vote for the party that they are in favor of whether they are in support of the government or not In response, Kumaraswamy said that he would hold a trust vote as soon as possible According to the latest update, the trust vote will be held on Thursday, 18th July

Operation Kamal

Karnataka isn’t the sole state where this is happening As a fun fact, I’d like to show you the track record of this “operation Kamal” over the past few years 2016 : Uttarakhand 9 Congress MLAs left the party, joined BJP and the government fell, President’s rule was imposed although the court later revoked the President’s rule 2016 : Arunachal Pradesh 43 Congress MLAs left the party, joined BJP and the government fell 2017: Manipur 8 Congress MLAs left the party and Congress no longer remained the single largest party after this 2017 : Tripura 6 Congress MLAs left the party and the Congress secured 0 seats in the next elections 2019: Andhra Pradesh The TDP party of Andhra Pradesh has 6 Rajya Sabha MPs 4 out of 6 Rajya sabha MPs left the party and joined BJP 2019: Gujarat 5 Congress MLAs left the party and joined

BJP 2 out of them were made ministers Now you could consider “ministers” as a reward Because ministers have a higher salary as compared to a normal MLA, hence they get more money 2019: Goa 10 Congress MLAs left the party and joined BJP Reports are floating that 5 out of them will be made ministers Congress was the single largest party in Goa, now it would not be so And this is just the beginning BJP’s Mukul Roy, two days ago, had said that 107 MLAs of TMC, Congress and Left party would soon join

BJP Think about it : 107 MLAs! So while our country is gradually becoming Congress-free, BJP is becoming Congress inclusive BJP itself is becoming “Congress” This is not a new phenomenon Congress has indulged in it a lot in its heydays 30-40 years prior, during the time of Congress, Congress used to do the same- poaching the members of the other parties The BJP is replicating what the Congress did on a larger scale Witnessing which, makes us wonder whether our nation is heading towards one nation, one election, one party.

What’s the Point of Voting Now?

Seeing this happen in one state after the other A question would arise in the mind of a common man- What’s the use of voting now? You could vote for anybody, but tomorrow, the politician would go to whichever party offered him more money The politician has no ideology or belief of his own He has nothing to do with the promises that his party has made to the common people He’d deflect to the party where he sees more money And this isn’t good news for anybody

The people who support BJP need to understand that tomorrow, another party could burgeon in the future which could have even more money All these people who have defected to BJP would now defect to that other party if they see more money there Another question that arises is that who should be blamed (for this)? Whose fault is all this? You could compare this to a normal situation- A person is bribing the traffic police Is this the fault of the bribe giver or the bribe-taker? I leave this up to you. Write down your opinions on this in the comments below

Anti-Defection Law

To prevent the politicians from switching in between parties, there’s already a law in existence It is named as “Anti Defection Law” This law was framed in 1985 under the Rajiv Gandhi government Because, prior to that, there was a lot of switching (between parties) happening The best example of which is a Haryana MLA in 1967, who switched his party thrice in a single day The name of the MLA was Gaya Lal So a phrase was coined, “Aaya Ram, Gaya Ram” and a mockery was made out of it Defection has been defined in two ways in the Anti Defection Law The first is an MLA voluntarily giving up membership of that party Voluntarily giving up membership of the party does not mean resigning Its actual meaning is open to interpretation A lot of cases regarding this have reached the Supreme Court to interpret the exact meaning of this phrase

It is easier to understand the meaning of the second case The MLAs have to act in accordance with what their party tells them to do If there are orders from above that they have to vote yes or no regarding a particular bill the MLAs have to vote in accordance with what the party tells them This is called a “Whip” of the party So if an MLA defect under this Anti Defection Law, then he might be disqualified Now there’s an exception in this Anti Defection Law If 2/3rd of the MLAs of the House, or more resign concertedly or leave their party collectively and join another party Then that would not be considered under the Anti Defection Law Doing this is allowed. They will not be disqualified in this case The aforementioned cases of Andhra Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh involve this exception

In the case of Andhra Pradesh, 4 Rajya Sabha MPs out of 6 This would be more than 2/3rds and hence the Anti-Defection Law would not be applicable here There were 43 in Arunachal Pradesh This would be more than 2/3rds and hence the Anti-Defection Law would again not be applicable here In all the remaining cases, loopholes have been found in this law so that this Anti-Defection Law is not applicable (so that) All these Congress members that have shifted to the BJP are somehow saved from this law through the loopholes One such loophole was used in Karnataka In the case of Karnataka, it was said that all these 16 MLAs have resigned They haven’t joined some other party. They’ve merely resigned. Because resignation does not come under the ambit of the Anti Defection Law So this is legal and they cannot be disqualified

How to Improve the Law?

It is obvious that there are a lot of ongoing debates regarding this Anti-Defection Law Some say that this law should be made more strong and powerful to prevent the prevalent defections, On the other hand, some say that this law should be completely done away with Their reasoning is that this law does not let the MLAs think in their own ways The MLAs are not able to vote with their discretion regarding any bill They have to bow down to the party’s pressure and listen to what the party instructs If they refuse, then they could be disqualified under this law Their argument remains that this law should be done away with to maintain the MLA’s independence Their are arguments from both sides regarding the Anti Defection Law The argument in its favor is that whatever you’re witnessing in Karnataka and other states This needs to be stopped and hence (this law) should be made more powerful.

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