Is India World’s Most Dangerous Country for Women?

A few days ago a report has been released according to which our country is the world’s dangerous country for women. That’s mean the world’s most dangerous country for women in India, come let’s do the analysis of this report and find out the credibility and the truth of this report.


This survey was done by the Thomas Reuters Foundation, which is a charitable organization under Thomas Reuters. If you don’t know about Thomas Reuters then it’s the world’s biggest news network based in Canada. Their main focus is on journalism about women’s rights, climate change, and child trafficking and they carry out their researches on these subjects. This particular subject “World’s most dangerous country for women” according to them is a perception poll and it’s not based on any data or poll. This is based on perception and perception, not of any local individual but experts. How the experts feel about a country, what are their opinions, their perceptions about it? one thing we need to keep in mind here is that if we ask the perception of a commoner then it is based on his surrounding, his experience.

But if you ask an expert about his perception then it’s of a very higher value as an expert is working in that field, researching on facts every day about it. and that creates a difference so his perceptions and opinions are generally based on facts. So a total of 548 experts was surveyed out of which 41 were from India and they answered questions for ranking based on different categories. different categories like sexual violence, human trafficking, nonsexual violence, human cells, 5-6 types of categories were there. based on these categories they have given the final ranking of the most dangerous country for women.

So based on these expert’s perceptions, India is ranking number 1 in 2018. Followed by Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, This survey-based on perception was done are 2011 that time India’s rank was at number 4. so it’s understanding that we have degraded further. If we are going to breakdown further in different categories then India is ranking number 1 at Sexual violence, Human trafficking, culture, and religion against women. Here it’s like religious and cultural issues like child marriage or acid attacks. India is ranking number 3 at discrimination which includes discrimination against women in daily life like in education, in the job, etc. India is at number 3 for non-sex violence and as number 4 for health access.

Credible and Truthful

Now the question is how credible and truthful is this. About the credibility friends, Thomas Reuters Foundation is a very credible organization. It has received many awards worldwide like the Asian Environmental Journalism Award in 2015 for excellent environmental reporting. They have also received the United Nations Foundation prize and here you can see that they have received a lot of prizes. Since it has started this foundation has provided training to journalists in more than 170 countries. It’s a reputed organization spread worldwide hence I don’t feel that there will be any sense in assuming that it would be biased here. There’s a question here why is there a perception-based survey and why not the reports are made based on data and statistics? as the world’s most dangerous country for women is a very important topic and it would be better to decide based on data and statistics.

But there’s an important point to be noted that when it comes to crime then data and statistics don’t make sense especially when it’s about comparing different countries or states. It’s the highest because people are reporting these cases and hence Kerala comes under one of the safest states. This same thing applies to worldwide friends. If you compare different countries based on the crime statistics then you would never know how many crimes are being reported in actual. So if you are comparing data and statistics of sexual violence. human trafficking and crime against women across the world then you will find a lot of irregularity here. If we look at European countries like Sweden there the crime against women is the highest that doesn’t mean that it’s a dangerous country for women. It’s the opposite as people are reporting there. Hence when we talk about the topics like world’s most dangerous country for women than taking an expert’s thoughts into account is a good idea. How will we know how many reports are not registered or are not considered by the police?

Friends this we can never get to know actually. We can never find out the actual figure. Because it’s not getting reported or written hence on what basis can they be considered. hence taking a survey is the best option for friends. In 2017, the Indian National Bar Association took up a survey to realize that 70% of Indian women are afraid of registering their sexual harassment cases. so, 70% of women say that they are afraid to register their sexual harassment case. So here you can figure out how many women in our country are afraid of reporting there will be many cases which would have been denied by the police So, basically, you can be 100% sure shot to say whether India deserves to be on rank 1 or not.

This expert’s poll has some limitations which people have pointed out. Like it’s not been revealed which field does these experts belong to and what are their qualifications. So it’s not so transparent. but apart from these limitations if we look at the other facts then I would like to say that this rank is somewhere correct. Maybe not top 1 but looking at the current scenario India rank somewhere in the top 10. For example, Female foeticide which is a related criterion based on which this consensus could be drawn then India is at number 4 worst country according to 2016 data. This can be found out by looking at the sex ratio at birth which is 112 males to 100 females. This is such a worst sex ration at birth and this is a recorded data So this is a statistical data and not based on perception. It’s a proper data of female foeticide So here you may think that India must be better than Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan But No friends, if you are going to look at the data then you will get to know that it’s 106:100 birth sex ration in Syria Afghanistan has 104:100 and Somalia has 102:100, so India is worst than all of these countries.

So don’t get astonished to know that India has been ranked more than even the war zoned countries. Top 3 countries that rank worst than India are Liechtenstein, China, and Armenia and here there are not those problems that are there in India as the crimes against women. Hence India’s rank goes at the highest here One more statistical data here is Dowry related death, according to the National Crime Bureau of our country, every year more than 8000 women die due to dowry. The most interesting thing behind this is the reaction of a Bhakts, Godi Media, and the trolls after this news. Trying to find the nanochip in our 2000 rupees note, Chowdhary Sahab says that the Anti India Agenda has been started by this organization. A BJP supporter is writing on twitter that… and writes in the following tweet that…… Do you understand the logic here friends? To this I say And Bhakt Logic, It’s like if my eyes are closed then the whole world is under the darkness. That means if I have never died of hunger so no one has died of hunger in the country. I would like to show something to such blind people and such trolls written by their own God. Look at the tweet by Narendra Modi from 2013 India is considered as the 4th most dangerous country for women! How was this discovered that India is the 4th most dangerous country? Exactly based on the same survey. Thompson Reuters Survey from 2013 showed that India is the fourth most dangerous country in the world.

So it was credible for Modi Ji at that time and it was credible for all these blind people. and in 2018 when Modiji is in Power and this survey says that India is the worst country then all of these have been Anti India, sickular? Earlier all of them were very pro India. This same thing in 2014 was written by BJP’s MP Rajiv Chandrasekhar… Rajivji, it’s 2018 and India has become the top worst country based on the same survey that you have been sharing Now can you please raise your voice? or You don’t care now? or this is just the politics for you all? This same thing was done by the BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya, in 2013 he tweeted to let us know how worst India has turned for women! and it’s the 4th most dangerous country for women. and in 2018 this same survey has turned anti-India, sickular, pad by congress? Do you think we are fools? and the truth is that friends even you will agree that the condition has continued to get worse between 2011 to 2018 For the first time we are witnessing rally against a rapist, religion has interfered in a rape case! Crimes are getting worsen So, what is the solution here?


First thing is that friends which I’ve have been talking about always that the first step to solving a problem is to admit, accept the fact that a problem exists here. Till we don’t accept that there’s a problem here, we can’t solve it. and our Government doesn’t do this. Our Government has denied this report and says that this is wrong. and Government’s online trolls are trying to attack this organization time and again. They don’t care about solving this problem. No one is talking about this problem, finding solutions by going deep in this. Thompsons Reuters Organisation’s CEO has given the solution in 3 words: Education, Empowerment, and Enforcement. To educate the girls, empower them, and enforce the laws made here correctly. There’s just one advice for you, don’t turn blind stay vigilant and keep your eyes open, see the reality of what’s happening in our country, share this video with your family and friends and show them the reality too Nothing will happen by keeping our eyes close and thinking that “acche din” is going on. The country will never change like this.

Thank you.

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