Indian Economy is Crashing Down!


 The state of our economy is exceedingly poor

Let’s begin with one of the biggest and most talked-about news of the last few days. The Indian government has finally admitted that the state of our economy is exceedingly poor. The GDP is going down, the job processes are increasing and prices are also getting inflated. However, this has not been directly admitted. The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley says that there is no need to ‘panic’ as he is bringing a recovery plan to bring the economy up. This is a good step because I always say and have been saying that the first step to solving a problem is to admit that the problem exists. If you will not admit and keep on saying that the Indian Economy is the best, India is the best; this will never solve the problem. The Finance Minister has taken a step in the right direction and has given a valid statement. But the Prime Minister is still living in a world of his own. Yesterday he wrote on Twitter: Today the country is progressing at a good pace and is moving forward with the development of people from the poor and middle classes. He still keeps claiming in his speeches that the country is progressing and the economy is developing, GDP is growing. He never admits even in a single speech that India has been facing a lot of problems economy-wise. This will not help to improve the situation at all.

The deadline to link the Aadhar Card with PAN Card

Second news friends: Aadhar Card (you must be aware of it), it is being forced on the people of the country in a complete frenzy. 31st August 2017 was the deadline to link the Aadhar Card with PAN Card. It has now been extended for four months, that is, till 31st December 2017. 31st December 2017 is also the deadline to link the bank account with the Aadhar Card. If not done, the bank account will automatically close. 28th February 2018 is the deadline to link the mobile number with Aadhar Card. If not done, the mobile number will be automatically blocked.

The Aadhar Card can be made compulsory

And all those people who live outside India, the NRIs, if you think that you will be saved from this Aadhar Card complication, then you are mistaken. I have bad news for you. The Aadhar Card can be made compulsory for those Aadhar Card marriages which have to be registered in India. This has been suggested by an expert panel to the Ministry of External Affairs. Friends, All this is happening despite the Supreme Court’s judgment in favor of the Right to Privacy and have said multiple times that Aadhar Card should not be made mandatory. So, whether these government actions are legal or illegal will be decided by the Supreme Court in November itself. So there is no need to worry about all these deadlines. Hopefully, Supreme Court judgment in November will be in favor of citizens. Friends, there is but a bad news in relation with Aadhar Card. As you are aware, Aadhar is a centralized database that collects all your information connected with your bank account and mobile number. so all things collected together are stored in the government’s database. If somebody hacks the government’s database, like the incidents from past in which a lot of Aadhar numbers have been hacked. will the government give us any compensation? This question was posed in an RTI. and the reply was neither the government nor any government ministry nor the bank will provide any compensation if our information gets compromised. So you may imagine how dangerous the Aadhar Card is.

Instead, they will now have to say ‘Jai Hind’

Present Sir, Present Ma’am, remember friends we used to say this for answering our attendance in school. What has happened in November onwards, in schools of Madhya Pradesh, it is now a rule that students will not say, present ma’am. It is not allowed. Instead, they will now have to say ‘Jai Hind’. Where do they bring these rules from? It appears that our ministers keep in touch with Kim Jong Un for tips. Today they are doing these schools, tomorrow they may say that you will have to stand and chant ‘Vande Mataram’ before eating in a restaurant. Then they will ask you to say Jai Hind before you go to pee. What does this all mean?

 Mamata Banerjee, Bengal’s Chief Minister

In the next section, let’s talk about a few quotes that some of our famous leaders have said. First of all, Mamata Banerjee, Bengal’s Chief Minister. The court gave a judgment that was against the Mamata Banarjee Government. The judgment was regarding the dates of Muharram and Durga pooja. Which should be celebrated when? In its response, Mamata Banerjee says that you may slit my throat but I will do what I want. This is a very violent judgment. Such statements are against the democracy of the country. Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive: all have to work together.

Sakshi Maharaj, BJP’s M.P

The next statement is from Sakshi Maharaj, BJP’s M.P. He says that whatever girls and boys keep doing inside the cars is the reason for the spread of the rape culture. This is the reason for the increase in rapes in this country. and they should be put behind bars.

 Good news

 Good news from the field of Sports. P. V. Sindhu, the professional Badminton player, grabbed the Silver Medal for India in the Rio Olympics. She is now ranked the world’s second-best player in Badminton.

Next is from the field of movies. A movie named Newton released this week in which Raj Kumar Rao acted. This movie has been selected as India’s official entry into the Oscars. Oscar’s entry from India. I think it has been years now that a very good movie is being selected for the Oscars. If you have not watched this movie, I will recommend that you go and watch this movie in a theatre. This is themed on India’s electoral and political systems in Naxal affected areas.

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