IIST 2021 M.Tech Placement Details – Check Here

The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) is the largest institute in India, which started in Thiruvananthapuram in 2007 for applicants seeking admission to IIST.

The institute offers a bachelor’s degree in space technology with a specialization in avionics and aerospace engineering, as well as an integrated master’s program in applied science with a special emphasis on space-related topics.

IIST offers four years of engineering degree programs to applicants through which applicants will be able to complete their various courses and is the best option for applicants.

Here we provide the full details of the IIST including locations of M.Tech etc.

IIST 2021 M.Tech Placements

The IIST Internship unit is in permanent contact with industry, R&D organizations, and management institutions, with the vision of training, career guidance, internships/projects, and practices on campus.

  • The Placement Unit works following the policies of the Institute and tries to constantly match the interests of the students with a suitable work profile.
  • The Placement Unit channels feedback from industry, R&D organizations, and management institutions on university programs to the Institute.
  • The placement cell operates continuously to protect the interests of students and strives to be part of their secure future.
  • A company / R&D / Management, registers with the placement unit, through an online job portal for placement and internship purposes.
  • Upon registration, the company will receive a login ID and password to enter more details.
  • The placement unit will be properly coordinated to move the process forward. The internship for the two B.Tech. and M.Tech.
  • The programs generally run for two months, tentatively from May to July, each year. However, internships that require more than two months, for some M.Tech programs, can be developed following institutional policies and guidelines.
  • The company/organization can contact the placement unit for further details and discussions.
  • Students who qualify for internships/internships must register with the placement unit, providing their CV and related details, well in advance.

IIST 2021 M.Tech Programmes

The M.Tech. The program is offered to students who have scored GATE. Admissions to the Master of Astronomy and Astrophysics program are based on JEST/JRF/NET/GATE.

Department Postgraduate programs
Aerospace Engineering
  • M.Tech. in Thermal & Propulsion
  • M.Tech. in Aerodynamics & Flight Mechanics
  • M.Tech. in Structures & Design
Avionics Engineering
  • M.Tech. in RF&Microwave Engineering
  • M.Tech. in Digital Signal Processing
  • M.Tech. in Control System
  • M.Tech. in VLSI & Microsystems
  • M.Tech. in Material Science and Technology
Earth & Space Sciences
  • M.Tech. in Earth System Sciences
  • M.Tech. in Geoinformatics
  • MS Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • M.Tech. Machine Learning & Computing
  • M.Tech. in Optical Engineering 2. M.Tech. in Solid State Technology