How to Become an Instagram Influencer?

You certainly aren’t alone, if you love Instagram and want to be an influencer! When you are an influencer, you can take some measures in the way you create your brand and curate your accounts to represent a specific theme or attitude. You also need to contact your supporters to build up your account slowly.


Build Yourself


1. Choose your interest. The best accounts on Instagram are based and even yours. You can not, however, necessarily pick something from the blue. Base your account with something you like. Your followers will know if you are serious about it!

  • It’s really up to you to concentrate on. Food, makeup, journey, smear, poetry, and even slime can be done. While you have a visual component and you like it, go for it!

2. Narrow your idea. Narrow your idea. You do not want to get too narrow, but you should concentrate on getting old as your posts grow fast. “Tennis balls,” for example, maybe too big, but they may be too small. The idea was to create an environment that would make your account special so that people would want to follow.

  • There is a wide variety of food bloggers on Instagram for instance, but you can also find your own niche. Perhaps you would like to evaluate the food in your town or maybe focus on the food you make. Remember what makes you special and how you can use it for your account.

3. Make it short, sweet, and catchy for your organic. If anyone clicks on your page, your profile appears at the top of your images and you do not want to write a novel. Consider it a maximum of 1 to 2 sentences. Some bios are just just a couple of terms. But explaining what you’re doing and attracting the interest of people should be enough.

  • You can write “looking for the best eats high and low in OKC,” for example, if you write about food culture in Oklahoma City. This shows that you like all kinds of cuisine and focus on Oklahoma City.

4. Call your family and friends to follow you. It’s surely a place to start, even though it won’t make you famous! Instagram usually implies that people like Facebook will follow you so that you can start with those names and work outside.

  • Check the “suggested” section of mates, as it always shows up with your post.


Content production


1. Select your account’s feed planner. These applications assist you in managing your account. Photos can be uploaded to posting later, photo editors, trackers, and many other items through these devices. You will make managing your Instagram page easier.

  • The editing capabilities in these systems are much more advanced than on your Instagram page. You may also edit videos and plan updates for a later date in some situations.
  • Try VSCO, UNUM, Preview, or Planoly, for example.

2. Image your Instagram target appealing. It’s time for the fun segment now! Begin taking pictures of items that suit your account every day. Make a week or two before you get released, so you have more nice pictures to share on your page.

  • You can use your smartphone or spring to make your camera more costly. Something that you feel good!

3. Let your images feel united. After uploading your images, rearrange them to make the page coherent and more structured. Consider how the photos look on the page as a whole and play with different filters. You can also move photographs so that the entire page is laid-out, and you can apply a filter for all pictures at once. Try choosing 1 filter to look like your brand for all of the photos.

  • Start applying the filter and rising halfway through to apply partial filters. Do not use your images with more than 1 filter.

4. Fill your photos with genuine and interesting subtitles. A single photo is not enough to pick people up. The story behind a photo you want to hear, although it’s a short quiz. The key is to be as open and genuine as you can, as if you are authentic and want to connect with your followers.

  • For example: if you post a picture as a food blogger for your breakfast, you can say, “What’s real: no waffles, no omelet, no bacon, and no Belgian waffles every morning. Moreover, if I run out of the door, I can grab it! “You understand that any meal you make is not fancy with a title like this that lets your supporters humanize you.

5. Use up to 4 hashtags of relevance. Hashtags help to classify your images, and some people are actually crawling around with hashtags to find new accounts. Choose carefully, then. Basically, you may type “#” followed by the word in the form of any word or phrase without spaces as a hashtag. Be aware that every hashtag has been used several times and choose the one with the highest number.

  • For example, if you publish a photo of your cat, look at the hashtags “# cat” and “# cats.” It’s likely that one has more use than the other.
  • Do not use too many hashtags, because Instagram could bury posts with too many of them flooded.

6. Please press a picture location. Location tags make your post clearer, as people can grab sites. There is a particular place for choosing or making it more generic, such as a section of your area, such as a restaurant or park in which you are.

  • Suggestions for locations show up on the last page before adding the picture underneath the title tab. Pick one that seems right or suggest a different one.


Highlight your ability to photograph


1. Switch horizontally your phone or camera. It is tempting to fire always in square or vertical mode with a smartphone. Although Instagram uses square mode usually, if you use horizontal mode, you will be better able to capture everything in the shot. You can edit it again and again.

  • For portrait shots, horizontal mode also works well, since you can capture more backgrounds.

2. Take pre-determined quality photos. Don’t be afraid to use the preset modes of your camera when you start first. For example, try using “portrait” to dampen the colors and use a wider aperture. “Landscape” on the other hand uses a small opening which amplifies the color. In addition, ensure that your camera stabilizes on a flat surface with either a tripod or something like a pocket. There is a much clearer image taken on a stable camera.

  • Don’t be scared to experiment with various settings. See how the shots you ‘re taking works best!

3. Apply your photos with the rule of thirds. Basically, this rule says that in the middle of the photo you don’t want to focus everything. Imagine that the picture has 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines dividing the picture into even thirds per way. When you “focus” your photo’s main subject, you want to position it along one of its lines or at a crossroads.

  • When you take a photo of a person, for example, place them in the center on the right hand or on the left.

4. Test the flat corner of the layout. Stand over your topic in this kind of shot, normally on a chair, for a broad picture of what your shooting is. This form of shot works especially well for creative shots of food and the like. Lay your food or items on a neutral background on a flat surface.

  • Say a photo story like this. This means, if you take a picture of a book you ‘re reading like Harry Potter, try to layout items like a wall, a flash bolt, glasses, or a house color scarf in the picture.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave this photo in other areas blank. The rule of thirds can still be used.

5. Creates a color and textural photograph. Try to reduce this to 2-3 colors to tie the photo together when planning your photo. Add different textures to the picture at the same time to add visual appeal.

  • For example, add something silky and rough wood. Old and new can also be mixed. Make yourself creative!

6. Another angle trial. Take multiple photos from different angles. With one single frame, you won’t be able to get the perfect shot and your chances of having a better one with different angles.

  • Seek to take a picture from below and from above, for example. Use left and right to fire. See different ways to frame the shot in the background with things.

7. Using as much natural light as possible for your images. The best light to produce sparkling, lovely images is natural light. Although not every picture can be taken in natural light, seek to get as many as possible.

  • If you would like to take a picture of something that you made for lunch, but you do not have much natural light in the area at the kitchen table, switch the installation to a window or door with soft natural light.


Follower and Brand Engagement


1. Choose the key images you want to share. You can flood your Instagram account with 10 images a day, but some followers will begin to switch off, particularly when the pictures are all the same. Instead, choose the best shots you take and select the ones you and your account have the greatest importance.

  • Consider posting at least once a day, but don’t take more than two or three pictures a day if it isn’t an occurrence.

2. Analyze what attracts you to the pages of Instagram. Try looking critically at the images and subtitles. Do you want to follow your account? Perhaps it’s time to rethink what you’re doing if you wouldn’t. There is still space for learning and growth!

  • Typically it is a clean colorful painting with a certain theme or emotion that attracts the followers to the accounts. Also essential are interesting subtitles.

3. Ask your pictures for answers. Easy questions invite your fans to comment. Further comments mean that the feeds of people are put higher. So the more visibility you get to get the better, you want your posts to be seen as much as possible.

  • For example, you might have questions such as “What’s your house dinner?” and “What song you’ve been listening to?” or “Something like Grenades: Love or Hate?”

4. Answer your supporters’ comments. Try to “heart” or address as many people as possible when your followers leave your post with a question. That helps you and your followers to create a relationship, as it allows them to feel integrated into what you do.

5. Follow your favorite accounts and interact with their pages. Focus on brand-like accounts as people are more likely to follow you in return. Then, like your photos and comment. You will also be encouraged to see your page.

  • To find pictures similar to your page, try clicking on hashtags.

6. Search for a network to connect you to brands. Many websites are available to help you meet brands. You can check offers and work with the brands that fit your niche, so that something you don’t believe in is not promoted!

  • Usual web pages from the Instagram page are such networks. Check for one online. Web.
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