How to Be a Twitter Influencer?

Everybody wants to bring their minds to the world. You can be famous on Twitter but that doesn’t mean you can’t climb up to the top as well! You will get really far from some well-selected, witty blogging subjects and violent self-promotion.


Step by step


1. Tweet like a blogger. Twitter is a micro-blogging tool; it essentially blogs every Tweet in 280 characters or less. The same guidelines to be a good blogger generally apply to being a good Tweeter. You can’t imagine a blog with only three random subject posts to draw lots of subscribers, can you?

  • Pick your subject. Do not take their question (“What are you doing right now?”) literally if you want to be famous on Twitter. It’s something like: “What are you doing or thinking right now that’s going to be important to a certain group of people?” The subject should be broad enough for people to know what to expect, but not so small that it will attract just 50 people. Start with only one or two key subjects, or “tags.” Then expand as your sequel grows.
  • Find the story of a man who bites a dog. For a nugget, you can spin into a good tweet, read the news feeds voraciously. Guy Kawasaki, who has more than 1,350,000 fans, goes so far as to pay staff to find buzz-worthy news for him to post.
  • Be interesting, open, and provocative. Partake intimate news of your life. If you can spin a good story you may get readers addicted to your everyday life’s daily dramas.
  • Network Network. Healthy bloggers have links to other sites. Retweet other Tweeters Great Tweeters. Check for keywords relating to your subject on Twitter. Press “Reply” when you find an interesting one, and add “RT” or “Retweet:” to the top, and post it. You ‘re not only communicating with other Twitter users, but also delivering positive news to your followers

2. Follow through like a spammer. When you have defined your standard, concentrate on the quantity. Take almost the same path as spammers do. Nonetheless, in order to avoid appearing like a spammer, make sure that there is never more than a 200 or 300 distance between who you are following and who you are trailing. Various services can handle that automatically. Try to keep the number of your fans lower than the one of your critics that’s what real celebrities do.

  • HOWEVER, NOT 400 people follow at once. They’ll mark you as a spammer and your account will be removed from Twitter. Only pursue 100-200 at a time and then let them go out. Once you have a good number of followers, unfold the ones you’ve been following and follow a new group of 100.
  • Keep fans coming back for more. There are a few basic dos and don’ts that keep your list of followers from shrinking. Use a service that will notify you every time you unfollow. Look at your last few tweets-what did you post that could have switched them off? Bearing in mind these pieces of advice:
  • Do not use the services to auto DM. Often, auto DMs cost you, folks. Some people get their DMs on their cell phones, and an automobile DM can be an irritating excuse to have to search your phone, not to mention the cost of having it.
  • Do not alter the content drastically on Twitter after you have already built a presence on Twitter. Customers like continuity, and have been following you for a reason.

3. Please ask questions. Asking questions is one of the best ways to reach your followers and to spark a conversation. Bearing in mind the following tips and tricks:

  • Replies to acknowledgments. If you can not individually respond to every response because there are so many, at least send out a general thank you.
  • Hang around for listening. When you quit your machine do not ask a question right now. If people respond, you want to be able to react as quickly as possible while on their computers.
  • Echo your question over the course of the day many times so you get in touch with various time zones and schedules. Assure that “prime time” is one of the times
  • Where most people are online (usually on the morning of the week).
  • Ask your followers to take your question back.

4. Tweeting regularly but not too often. It shows up in the public timeline each time you post an update, showing your profile to people who still don’t know you. At the same time, tweeting too often can irritate your existing followers and make it hard for them to respond. Stick to one topic at a time and leave some time for people to respond in between updates.

5. Using a Server on Facebook. A developer can help sort the user-specific alerts, keywords, etc. You may be following people in your world, for example, but you can create a list of users in your area, and use a client to see only their updates to get a glimpse of what’s going on in your region.

6. Be very humorous. When you share funny stories, comments, and clever thoughts, Twitter users are more likely to get more followers. Self-sarcasm is likewise quite catchy.

7. Gather other social networking followers. Use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. and ask friends on Twitter to follow you there.

8. Engage in. See what’s going on among your followers and get involved in their conversation. Using a lot of hashtags to keep up with trends.

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