Essay on Mango Tree

Mango is known as the national fruit of India, and the mango tree is held sacred throughout the country. Mango is called the king of fruit by natives of India, accompanied by the unparalleled taste of mango, it is also brought medicinal properties into being to the extent of adoration to worship.

Mango is very famed all over the domain owing to its beneficial traits. Attributable to the rise of contemporary methods in science, there have been greater increases in the production of mangoes all over the world in its season. People of all age groups love to eat mangoes. Mango fruit was previously accessible to only the Indian subcontinent, afterward, bit by bit its production extended to all countries. India is the frontrunner in yielding mango crops in the world; mango is a kind of juicy fruit.


The Sanskrit word of Mango is Aamrah, henceforth the word “Aam” is called in the language of Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Maithili, etc. It is widely called Mann in Malayalam. Since 1498, the Portuguese used to yield the masala in their country in many places of Kerala. Mango and its designation were also occupied from there. It was being provoked highly.

The term Mango was used coined in European languages ​​ in Italy in the year 1510. After that, it got originated in the French language all through its paraphrase from the Italian language and into English over it, but then again, eventually. the articulation of O  has not hitherto become distinct and clear in what way it originated. Hereafter it can be supposed that all these lingoes ​​appropriated this term from the Malayalam semantic.

Importance of Mango tree:

The mango tree comes up with distinctive significance, it is compassed all from place to place. The altitude of the mango tree is near 40 to 90 bases. The bay of the Mango tree is rough, and the leaf is extended and quite indicated. The mango tree is of great importance to tall those who believe in Hinduism. The mango tree has been revered by the Hindu Society for numerous years. Since the mango tree is considered very good and fortunate, the mango tree also extends its fruit, and its timber and greeneries are also used for reverence.

Origination of mango tree:

The mango tree has been originated in tropical areas. The mango tree is come across in countless further nations, for example, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and many more. Nonetheless, mango tree has been discovered mostly in the regions of India. Mango happens in the rainy period, it is rare and green, and it is baked and smashed until the summer season arrives.

Shared Welfares:

On the whole, mango is considered very helpful for universal fitness. Since mango fruits are originated in Vitamin A, B-1, B-2 Carbohydrate, Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Iron, many more. In addition to the above fact, the mango tree is considered consecrated from a spiritual standpoint, and mango wood is seared in the havan of reverence.


Various years back in the Indian subcontinent, mango existed as mango and it got promoted. It had been fostered in the southeast of Asia only from the fourth to the fifth period. By the tenth century, its farming was instigated in East Africa too. In the 14th century, it stretched to Brazil, Bermuda, West Indies, and Mexico.

Varieties of mango tree:

With the drift, 500 species of mangoes are set up. Then its native species is named Indian mango, whose technical term is Mangifera indica. India classifies as the first in the sphere of mango manufacture in the domain, India yields many diversities in the field of mangoes production. Some species for example Badami, Dushari, Langra, Chausa, Totapuri, Saffron, Himsagar, etc. are set up, and they come in diverse forms.

Scientific Term:

Mangifera Indica, which is held as Mango, is known as a species in the flowering plant in the sumac and poison ivy.

Traditional Medicine:

In the term of Ayurveda, mango has been widely used as Rasayana formula with sometimes along with light sours and Shatavari. In the field of traditional medicines, mangoes show diversity in various parts of the mango tree. The mango tree is popular for its fruit rather than yielding timber. But mango trees become lumber when the fruit bears life expectancy, it falls off.

Annual varieties
White choice

Midseason varieties
Alampur Banyan
Alphonso / Badami / Gundu / Apsas / Khader ‘
Banglora / Totpuri / Kollektoian / Kili-Mukku
Bandanapalayali / banyan / print
Dussehra / Dussehra Aman / Nirali Aman
Rose special
Amrapali (Mango)

Mid of the year
Samarbehist / Chowsa / Chausa

With the termination of the season
Safeda Lucknow

Occasional flourish


Mango is named as the king of fruits, it is the favorite product in the entire world, therefore individuals like to devour on mangoes very much.