Essay on Children’s Day

All through India, Children’s Day is celebrated in schools and universities. On this day, the school organizes various programs, which are the main obligation. Apart from school, there are several social and joint institutions that celebrate children’s day. On Children’s day, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is particularly recalled.

On Children’s Day, Schools and colleges neither are nor shut, and children attend the school with joy and take part in programs. There are a number of cultural programs, for example, speech, song-music, art, dance, poetry recitation, fancy dress competition, etc. held on this auspicious day.

Celebration of Children’s Day

Children’s Day has become a national festival all over India. There are various reasons that provide the point for celebrating this festival, and that is in remembrance of the great and respected leader Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The motive behind celebrating this festival is also to focus on the condition of the children in India. Adding further, the school building is beautified and painted. Sundry of programs such as Dances, songs, poems are given narration in Hindi as well as English. It aims to summon up all those great and prodigious works done for the country. All people take part in this festival with great happiness and rejoice.

Children’s Day festival on Nehru Chacha’s birthday

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was our first Prime Minister, born on 14 November 1897 in Allahabad. When India became an autonomous country on 15 August 1949, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took this country to a great level. Because of his efforts, our country has been flourishing well. It is said that Nehru had a great fondness and love for all the children and said that our children are the future of our country as well as make our country.

There are great importance and significance regarding this day as the children construct the future and look at all the harms and damages. Nehru’s uncle held that children are the prospect of the state. Then, children should be looked after and educated properly so that they can stand on their feet. To see to blissful upcoming days of the nation. Children’s Day serves as an occupation for all populations of the state.

Celebration in School

Our children are the cornerstone of the days yet to come. Afterwards, the corresponding time, every school has fun this day with a number of events that are similar to the puzzle, advice, national programs similar to dance, tune, and theater. Teachers bring together various kinds of performances and cultural events aimed at the students.

Pandit Nehru had always dreamt of a nation wherein a child will play a major part in shaping our nation. Children are the ray of hope from better and bright tomo,rrow and from now with the show or composition of the teachers every so often on this day, transfer to the Kids and enlighten children on the importance of having a rewarded childhood to have a nation with improved life ahead.

There are a large number of schools and colleges that widely become a part of such sports events. School teachers over and over again give an invitation to the children of the orphanage nearby to join the students of the school in an organized way. These sorts of signals are considered very convivial as the children will get to imbibe and share and quarter everyone from culture through them. Such signs also implant a sense of fairness among students.

Celebrations except for School

Several NGOs take this day as the occasion to give out an assisting hand to those children who come under the category of poor and underprivileged. They also bring together quite a few programs for underprivileged children. Every so often, people mete out books, nutrition, sweets, figurines, and other needed items amid the children. Likewise, they bring together ethnic actions for the workhouses where the children take part in events approximating quiz, hop, and many things. Just as trophies, honors are disseminated to the offspring. A number of awareness sittings are led to make the children alert of various schemes realized or publicized under the authority of the government aimed at their teaching, wellbeing, and happiness.

At the same time, the television, a few special programs, are broadcasted on the day of Children’s day. Some newspapers also draw out special qualifications on this day, which determines the immense talent of the children in a number of parts in the country.


On the saying of Jawaharlal Nehru, the youngsters of at the moment will build the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country. Children’s day is a very stunning event to remember and celebrate the famous thoughts of Chacha Nehru. Celebration on children’s day is a great way to make both children and adults aware that children are the correct upcoming of the nation. Hence everyone would recognize the charge with the aim to bring youthful to every child.