Donald Trump Impeachment

Come, let us look at world politics You must have heard in the news how the US President Donald Trump was impeached a few days ago What is the meaning of impeachment and why is it being done? And how does this affect US politics and world politics? Come let us see this in today’s explanatory Article “They don’t even have any crime! This is the first impeachment where there is no crime. I said, tell me what I did, please? Oh, we don’t know… You’ve violated the constitution

American Politics

First, we will have to understand their political system There are two main political parties in the US One is the democrats that are represented by blue color And the other one is the republicans that are represented by the red color In 2016 elections when Donald Trump became the President, he was a candidate of the Republican Party And Hilary Clinton, who lost the elections belonged to the Democrat Party In November 2020, elections are going to be held again Donald Trump wants to be selected to become a President again But this time, Hilary Clinton won’t stand for elections as a Democrats candidate Who will be the Presidential candidate of the Democrats party has not yet been decided Because elections are conducted inside the party too, to decide who will become their party leader in order to fight presidential elections

So think of it like who will be the inside leaders, the party leaders in the BJP and the Congress this too, is decided by the people in America There are some candidates that are fighting to become the Presidential candidate for the Democrats Party, For example, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang… and right now, as of December 2019, Joe Biden is leading in the polls So, in a way, you could say that the competitor of Donald Trump could be Joe Biden in order to become the President in November 2020

When Obama was the US President, then Joe Biden held the post of the Vice President And now, he himself is standing in the Presidential elections Joe Biden has a son- Hunter Biden is a businessman that has made dealings with a lot of companies There was an ongoing dealing in Ukraine in 2014 As you might know, Ukraine is a country bordering Russia So the United Kingdom had been investigating the Ukrainian company on charges of money laundering This was the background story Now, this entire impeachment issue is related to just a phone call

Why was Trump Impeached?

The USA was going to give Ukraine a foreign aid of 400 million dollars This is what it normally gives But this foreign aid was stopped a few months ago President Trump got this stopped by saying that first he will look into it and then this foreign aid is to be given later In July 2019, President Trump made a phone call to the Ukrainian President In that phone call, Donald Trump allegedly told the Ukrainian President that if he wanted the foreign aid, then launch an investigation of money laundering against Hunter Biden- the son of Joe Biden Donald Trump also said that when Joe Biden was the vice president under the Obama government, then Joe Biden had stopped this money-laundering investigation from taking place and (that) now, he had to complete this investigation

So this was basically blackmail using the country’s money If any kind of investigation happens against the son of Joe Biden, then it is an obvious fact that this is going to have a negative effect on his image When the 2020 elections would arrive, Donald Trump could say that the son of the man contesting alongside him, has been facing allegations of corruption and charges of money laundering So basically, Donald Trump would get an edge in the elections So the entire allegation is that Donald Trump, for his own personal gain is stopping the country’s money and has been spoiling the foreign relations and has been blackmailing another country only for the sake of his election political benefit So when this call was made, Donald Trump had put the transcript of this call into classified files

But there must be some guy working in his administration who saw what all had been written in this phone call and that it had been put into classified (section) then he became a whistleblower and he leaked it to the media and the CIA that how Donald Trump had talked all this with the Ukrainian President and now he is trying to conceal it So the photos that you are seeing is the official transcript of that phone call that happened between Trump and the Ukrainian President This transcript has been displayed publicly because of that whistleblower After this phone call was made public, then a lot of politicians and media houses said that this is an abuse of power and that this was wrong to happen There should be an impeachment for this and in September 2019, the official investigations of impeachment commenced

“Upper house” In this House of Representatives, there are 235 candidates of the Democrats Party and 199 Republican Party candidates So when the voting took place in this house regarding the impeachment, then all the Democrats Party candidates voted in favor of impeaching Donald Trump and all the Republican party candidates voted in order to save Trump But since the Democrats Party was in majority, Trump was granted impeachment in this house But this does not mean that Trump would no longer be President Impeachment means that there is an official charge and an allegation of misconduct against Trump of indulging in corruption and doing something wrong while still holding his public position

Now the next would be that there would be a voting regarding this in the Senate But a 2/3rds majority would be required in the Senate for the impeachment to go through So a simple majority suffices in the House of Representatives but a 2/3rd majority would be required here and a voting regarding this would happen in January 2020 But if this 2/3rd majority is achieved,

Then you can say that Donald Trump would have to officially vacate his President’s post and then he would no longer remain President But something like this happening is extremely difficult, in fact, it is next to impossible Because the Senate, their upper house, has more of Republican Party candidates- 53 of them as compared to the Democrats Party, which only has 47 candidates So if a voting is organised, and the entire Republican Party votes in favor of Donald Trump because Donald Trump belongs to their political party then it is extremely difficult to get a 2/3rds majority A simple majority itself would not be achieved 67 votes would be require for a 2/3rds majority

They are after you. I’m just in the way What’s hilarious is that this meme that Donald Trump shared This meme was copied from Modi. Modi supporters use this meme that In reality, they are not coming after Modi or Trump They’re after the country’s citizens So you can notice how cleverly Donald Trump said They are not after me. They do not want to impeach me. They want to attack America This is an assault on the country So in a way, give the tag of “country traitor” to the opposition This is the politics that is being played here And you must have noticed that this is being done in India too

I am a victim here I am being attacked. America is being attacked. That is, you are being attacked The proof of how effective this politics is upon people can be seen in this chart In May 2019, when it was made public that Trump had made such a phone call, then 52% of the people, as you can see, were in favor of the fact that Trump should not be impeached Only 40% of the people wanted Trump to be impeached But at the end of September, when it was announced that the impeachment inquiry is being commenced,

Then the opinion of the people changed on its own and you can see how 46% people now came out in support of Trump’s impeachment and 46% against the impeachment of Trump And when the House voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment then you would notice how this number increased 47.6% people want Trump to be impeached and 46.1% do not support the impeachment

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