Hello friends As on 5th February 2020, due to the widely spreading coronavirus all over the globe, more than 24,000 people have been infected and more than 494 people have died Is it that dangerous? Do you need to be afraid? Or is the media making a mountain out of a molehill and creating an atmosphere of fear?
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What is CoronaVirus?

The first thing you should understand is that Corona Virus is not the name of a single virus. The name Corona Virus has been assigned to a family of viruses. Do I have to tell you an interesting fact? The common cold, cough, and cold that is spread during winters is also a type of Coronavirus. In 2002-03, a SARS virus had spread if you remember. It was also a type of Coronavirus. And what is affecting people right now is a new type of Coronavirus. There is a place in China called Wuhan. It was found there on December 31, 2019. This new strain of Coronavirus was named N -COV – Novel Corona Virus Novel means new This strain is so new that you can’t even think of a name. So they called it Novel Corona Virus.

The new Coronavirus looks a bit like this. The source of most Coronaviruses is primarily an animal that affects a human, and then, through human-to-human contact and human-to-human transmission, these coronaviruses become spread among humans.

For example, in the case of SARS, the source was a MERS bat – another similar Coronavirus that spread to the Middle East in 2012-13. The source was a camel. The exact source of the new Coronavirus has not yet been discovered. Some scientists suspect that the source could be snakes, but some scientists believe that it could be bats again because there are 96% similarities in the new coronavirus with the bat coronavirus.


The symptoms of all these Corona Viruses are very similar to each other For example, cough, cold, headache, fever, chills, sore throat- All these happen to you even when you catch a cough and cold normally or when you catch a seasonal flu And these are the symptoms of the New Corona Virus too This is an unfortunate thing because due to this, it is very difficult to recognize when you have contracted a normal seasonal flu and when you have contracted the New Corona Virus When there are extreme cases of Corona Virus, then one may contract pneumonia too But generally, the doctors have to perform a laboratory test to recognize whether it is a normal flu or the New Corona Virus The incubation period of the Novel Corona Virus is between 2-11 days that is, if you are infected, it might take 11 days for the symptoms to show up This basically means that in the last two weeks if you haven’t been to China or haven’t been in touch with a Chinese person and despite that you’re showing these symptoms, then you have no cause to worry This means that you have not contracted the Novel Corona Virus.

Is It Dangerous?

How dangerous is this virus? How fatal is this to you? To find out, I would like to show you some data. The total number of infected people so far is 24,579 of this number, about 494 people have died and 955 people have recovered after becoming infected. of infected people and the total number of deaths in proportion, then it drops to around 2%. This 2% is the death rate means that if you get the infection or the new Coronavirus, what are the chances that you will die? therefore? 2% means that there is a 98% chance that you will not die from it, but that you will eventually recover.

In fact, studying the cases so far, it was found that most of the people who died from the new coronavirus had already weakened the immune system for other reasons, most of these people were elderly and old or their immune system was already low before, for example, heart disease or any other problem. An interesting thing about viruses is that the virus that spreads more easily and is more contagious overall, its death rate is automatically lower, and viruses that have a higher death rate are less contagious. For example, the Ebola Ebola death rate was 70%. That is, if you get Ebola, there is a 70% chance that you will die from this. But only 3,000 cases have been reported. So Ebola was not so contagious. On the other hand, let’s take the example of the common cold or chickenpox. Both are highly contagious. Chickenpox and cold spread very easily. Cold mortality is 0.01%.

So, with this, we can conclude that compared to SARS, Ebola, and MERS, the new Coronavirus is less deadly because it has a lower mortality rate than all that, but it could be more contagious than them because when SARS is spread, infected about 8,000 people worldwide in 8 months and this new Coronavirus has already infected 24-25,000 people, three times as many people infected and unfortunately a lower death rate does not mean that fewer people will die completely, for example, take the example of the Spanish flu that occurred in 1918-20, if you have read it in the history books. The death rate from this Spanish flu was only 10%, but it became so contagious throughout the world, or perhaps when the weather was so extensive that 500 million people spread infected with this Spanish flu and as its mortality rate was 10%, up to 50 million people died from this flu despite its low mortality rate.

How does Infection happen? 

The infection of the Novel Corona Virus spreads the same way that cough and cold spreads amongst people If someone coughs or sneezes then the bodily fluids of the infected person reach the other people and they too, get infected So the ways of prevention are the same as that of a common cold World Health Organization recommends washing hands at the right time and washing hands very frequently in the proper manner.

Whenever you cough or sneeze, wear handkerchiefs and bandanas, if they are not available, you can use your elbow in this way so that the drops from the body do not spread widely and infect the body. rest of the population. This goes for everything, by the way, not just for the Corona virus. If you have a cough or cold or any other form of the Corona virus, do not pass it on to others.

Surprisingly, the World Health Organization has said that masks are not very effective in protecting you from infection, so don’t think that every time you can go to a public place with a mask on, you will feel safe. There wouldn’t be much difference. handwashing with soap is more effective than masks and that masks should only be used by those who are infected so that they do not spread their body fluids to others. If you are suspected of being infected, then it would be appropriate to wear a mask.

What is The CURE?

Many treatments and remedies have gone viral on social media to treat the Corona virus. For example, the WhatsApp attacker reads Good news! Wuhan Corona virus can be cured with a container of freshly boiled garlic water. An old Chinese doctor has proven effective. Many patients have also been shown to be effective. Eat garlic and treat your Corona virus. Some claim that consuming bleach will cure the Corona virus. Some say consuming organic oil will cure you. Our government says that Corona virus can be cured with homeopathy and Ayurveda. A Hindu president, Mahasabha, says that consuming Gaumutra and cow dung can cure the Corona virus. The truth is that all these people talk about nonsense. No one has a cure. available with them.

There is currently no vaccine for the Corona virus. There is also no treatment. Only if your immune system is strong, then you can fight it and you can recover. The vaccine is currently under development. It was estimated that it could take about a year to introduce your vaccine. When SARS broke out in 2002-03, it took 20 months to introduce his vaccine. Governments around the world are working to stem the spread of this virus. We believe they were largely successful because 99% of the infection cases we have seen are all concentrated in China and 90% of the cases in China are also concentrated in one region: Wuhan China had interposed to quarantine all the region to prevent someone from entering or leaving 50 million people has been quarantined and the rest of the world is trying to do the same. For example, Australia and Singapore have banned Chinese tourists, Russia, Mongolia and Nepal have sealed their borders with China.

Therefore, in my opinion, people living outside of China do not have to worry now. Stay safe, but don’t panic. There was so much fear in the media that an atmosphere of panic is being created. almost as if the new virus was similar to a zombie apocalypse. It is not as bad as I showed you in this article. Right now, all these things are concentrated in China. Economically, it could have a harmful effect not only in China but also in the world economy. It has been estimated that China could suffer a loss of up to $ 60 billion due to this new Corona virus and that the GDP growth rate could decrease by 1.5%.

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