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In the wake of the increasing number of cases of coronavirus in India, the lockdown has been extended till 3rd May What is the condition of the rest of the world meanwhile? In which countries are lockdowns being extended and being made more strict? In which countries are lockdowns being revoked? Which countries are successful in controlling the cases of the Coronavirus? And which countries are failing to do so? We will get to know all of this in today’s article, where I will present before you the latest update of the entire situation worldwide Come,

let us see As on 15th April 2020, there have been more than 2 million cases of coronavirus, in total, worldwide More than 125,000 people have died and there have been more than 485,000 recoveries The graph of the number of cases was growing exponentially earlier Now, the graph is gradually shifting from exponential to linear Let us start with Italy.


At one time, it was one of the worst affected countries by coronavirus Now, look at its graph of daily new cases- how many new cases of coronavirus are being reported in Italy every day? You will notice that this graph is slowly moving downwards The graph reached its peak on 19th March when the most number of daily cases were reported After which, it has been slowly moving downwards. And if you take a look at the graph of active cases, then it has started to peak too At present, how many cases of active coronavirus are there in total? So perhaps, now onward, we would get to hear good news from Italy The number of cases of coronavirus would decrease and that is how the government is reacting.

The lockdown has been eased to some extent already Children’s cloth stores, stationery shops, book shops are the first shops that have got permission from the government to open.


They have already reopened Russia was amongst those countries where the effect of coronavirus became perceptible quite late But the situation there today is that exponential growth of cases of coronavirus can be seen Putin has admitted that things are going from bad to worse A lot of pressure is being exerted on the healthcare system and there are long queues of ambulances The lockdown is being tightened because Putin has said that there is a need to take more stringent steps now if they want to control this virus The residents would now have to apply for permission online if they wish to step out of their homes.


Taiwan, along with South Korea and Germany- I’d consider them as the top three most successful countries who have been successful in the war against coronavirus Let us first take the example of Taiwan First of all, Taiwan is a neighbor of China When the situation of the coronavirus started in China, then it ought to have had a detrimental effect on Taiwan because it is a neighboring country But as of today, there have been only around 390 cases in Taiwan and only 6 people have died although the first case in Taiwan was reported a hundred days prior What’s even more amazing is that there has been no lockdown in Taiwan Restaurants, bars, schools, universities- all are open there So you’d ask what Taiwan did that it became so successful in containing the coronavirus without lockdown?

First and foremost, Taiwan reacted swiftly When there was no announcement of a lockdown even in Wuhan, right on December 31st, when it was revealed that an unknown virus has emerged in Wuhan Taiwan started screening the passengers that were coming via Wuhan in flights Very soon after, Taiwan announced a complete flight ban of the incoming passengers from China on February 6th itself Having enforced a travel ban so early, very few of the coronavirus cases managed to come into Taiwan from outside Due to this reason, the total number of cases remained very few in Taiwan and as for the cases that did arise- their testing was done in a very proper manner and their contact tracing was done to ensure that the virus did not spread within the country.

South Korea

South Korea is also being viewed as a successful example, albeit from a different aspect The total number of cases in South Korea were not as few as the number in Taiwan They did rise exponentially at one point of time, but they reached the peak quite quickly and now if you look at the active cases in the graph, (you’ll notice) that they are falling rapidly So basically, South Korea was successful in flattening the curve and no major lockdowns were announced here as well today, even elections are being conducted in South Korea whereas the other countries have canceled it because when the people would come out to vote and stand in queues, the chances of infection would increase But elections are being conducted in South Korea and people are wearing masks while coming to vote So the government here is that confident that the virus is not going to spread further.

What is the reason behind this? They had an impressive contact tracing system South Korea stated that all the incoming flight passengers from abroad were asked to install an app in their smartphones They had to fill in their symptoms in the app, if they had any If one did have symptoms of the corona virus and they filled it in the app, then the app would tell you whether it is suspected that you have the corona virus or not, based on the symptoms So if you are a suspected case of the corona virus, then the app would dig out your location data from your phone and would note all the places you’re travelling to and when And a lot of common public would have also installed the app in South Korea and each time that you travel wherever, if you come within a radius of 100 meters of another person, then upon noticing the location of you and the other person, the app would alert you Furthermore, the government regularly publishes information on its website that the people that are suspected to have corona virus, according to the app, and all the places they visited- the names of those restaurants, bars and the names of all those places They would put all the information on the website so that all the public would be able to see which places they should avoid going to because a suspected corona virus case has been to those areas The rest of the people would remain alert and would avoid going to those areas Now it is very important here that they do not publish the names of the suspected corona virus cases and the South Korean government is not doing this (that is, publishing the names)k, otherwise, they would have to face harassment. If they are a suspected case of the coronavirus, least the people might resort to physical violence or might begin to exclude them from the society so the government will never publish names They would only publish the information of the places where they have been to This would help identify the locations that need to be avoided.

But despite that, there is an obvious privacy concern here that the government is constantly tracking your location Furthermore, it has also been reported in the news that the government has collected credit card records, security camera footage and GPS data from cars and cellphones The government collected data from all these different sources and then did a contact tracing Mass messaging has also been made use of Phone numbers of everyone has been collected from all the telecom operators in order to send emergency alerts to them on the phones And so many emergency alerts are being sent that the people there have started to complain that they are fed up with the constant buzzing of their phones And this is a valid concern too, because if the emergency alert goes off once or twice in a day, then it is fine, but if emergency alerts are being sent in someone’s phone 10-15 times, then the people will stop reading it Drawing inspiration from this, the Indian government, too, has launched its own app- Aarogya Setu which was seen being promoted by Prime Minister Modi and other people in the government The app has a similar concept. You can download it and take a self-assessment quiz You’ll fill in your symptoms and based on that, the app will tell you whether you are a suspected case or not and if the rest of the public has also downloaded this app, and if you come into the vicinity of someone else, then this app would alert you that you are in the vicinity of a suspected case But unlike in other developed countries, there are no data protection laws in India so there is no guarantee of what the government will do with this data and whether or not the government will misuse this data after the end of the coronavirus situation Nothing can be said about that too.


Germany is another successful example where the number of active cases is decreasing But unlike in Taiwan, a lockdown was enforced here and unlike in South Korea, no app was made use of here for contact tracing So why was Germany successful? Because the government there was immensely efficient Testing was conducted on a tremendous scale And the healthcare system and infrastructure were exceptional If someone did contract the infection, then the death rate in Germany was also very low In fact, research has labeled Germany as the second safest country with regards to the coronavirus matter This research has placed Israel at number 1 and South Korea at number 3 Australia at number 4 and China at number 5 That is, if you’re in these countries at present, then you have the brightest chances of escaping the coronavirus not only getting saved after getting infected but also from getting infected in the first place.


But Germany is not the only European country where the number of active cases is falling rapidly Along with it, the number of active cases has been falling in Denmark, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic and so all these countries have already begun withdrawing lockdowns Denmark has become the first European country that has reopened schools after the lockdown The lockdowns in Austria have been withdrawn to some extent It will be completely revoked from the 1st of May.

United Kingdom 

The number of cases has been on the rise in the UK too- but a very interesting thing happened there A fake news and a rumor spread around that the coronavirus is becoming more widespread due to the 5G mobile towers And some foolish people, considering this fake news to be true, started vandalizing these mobile towers And a lot of cases were heard where the 5G mobile towers were vandalized And not only in the UK, such cases were also reported from the Netherlands, Ireland and New Zealand where 5G towers were vandalized and set son fire And some dimwits started vandalizing not only 5G towers but 4G towers too It is quite surprising because I find it difficult to believe that such things can happen in these countries too where fake news is spread through rumors and people start destroying property.


And finally, talking about India- then you can take a look at the chart of daily coronavirus cases and here you can see the chart of the number of active cases based on this, you can see that this chart has been rising rapidly But honestly speaking, it is very early to say right now whether India has been successful or if it is failing because although the number of cases is on the rise, the total number of coronavirus cases are still very few in comparison with the other countries So India has been successful in some sense.

But the rate at which they are increasing, it can only be said later whether India has been successful or not But I’d like to show you an interesting graph This is the graph of those countries that declared a lockdown before 1000 cases And this graph denotes that after declaration of the lockdown, what percentage of increase or decrease has been registered in the total number of corona virus cases As you can see, a decrease has been registered in these countries a week later since the declaration of the lockdown and a further decrease was noticed in the number of cases in most of these countries two weeks later but India was one of the only exception where the number of cases increases The highest decrease can be seen in Denmark which leads on to say that its lockdown has been the most successful After that, the lockdowns of Portugal, Norway, Austria have all been very successful But the number of cases in India increased in the second week In my opinion, this does not denote that the lockdown has been unsuccessful This shows that we had not done enough testing by the first week for us to know how many actual cases of corona virus already existed So gradually, more and more cases are emerging upon further testing.

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