Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Best PM of India?

Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji, a well known former prime minister of our country is no more with us. He was elected as the prime minister in 1996 for only 13 days and then again in 1998 he was the prime minister for 13 months. and he completed his full term between 1999-2004 He was the 1st noncongress prime minister who completed the full term. During his tenure, India has seen such a great development that according to me he should be known as one of the best prime ministers of India. How was this performance and why I’m telling you this, I would like to analyze it and let you know.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee The Best PM of India?

Drinking water, healthcare, housing, highways, and no electricity. Friends, if you want to know a politician’s intent on how good or poor he is then you can look at his emphasis on the basics of education, health care, power, road, and water. Atalji was one of those politicians who had used to focus on these issues, especially education. In 2001 he revolutionized the education sector with the introduction of the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan.

Free Education for all Children (6-14 yrs)

Under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan every child between the age of 6-14 years will be given free and compulsory education. and this scheme turned out to be very successful, school drop out rates decreased, enrollment rates increased and how much was it successful that you see on the basis of data and statistics on this graph.

This graph depicts how many children are not enrolled in school and do not even study primary school In 1985 25 million kids of our country used to not study and was out of the primary school In 2001 Sarva Siksha Abhiyan was launched and after that, you can see how quickly did this graph dropdown. by 2006 this number was left to just 4 million. To bring such a big change in 5 years is not less than any miracle.

Education was Declared a Fundamental Right

Atalji’s government even declared that the Free education in our country is every child’s right bypassing 86 constitutional amendments. Atalji used to understand after education how important was Science for the development of the country, hence he launched a new Science and Technology policy in 2003 Since our country got independence this was just the 3rd policy on Science. Here Scientists were encouraged and research and developments were promoted.

Science and Technology Policy 2003

The first objective of this policy was – To ensure that the message of Science reaches every citizen of India man and woman, young and old so that we advance scientific temper, emerge as a progressive and enlightened country. This sounds very normal to hear but it has become very uncommon these days. In 2003 India used to invest 1.1 % of GDP in scientific research. This much money used to be put in the research. Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji promised that this number will be raised till 2 % by 2007 but unfortunately, he couldn’t become the prime minister again and since Congress has come this number is going down and today in 2018 friends this has reached to 0.69% In all the developed country, the investment in research and development is more than 2%.

Here you can see in the graph, It’s 4.29% in South Korea. 4.1 in Israel, 3.58 in Japan, these are those countries that encourage Science and research and development. and our India is just at last where it’s 0.69% in 2018. How we used to promote Science in 2003 we are unable to do even a bit of that percent in 2018. That era was a different friend. In today’s time, the scene is such that the wrong number baba is made to sit on the chair of the chief minister. Computer babas are given the posts of ministers. Woods are burnt saying it will reduce the pollution. So many unscientific statements are given by the ministers that I have lost the counts! Superstitions are promoted so much.

India’s First Moon Mission was Approved

The first spacecraft to go on space in 2008 from India, Chandrayan 1, it’s approval was given by Atalji. When Nuclear tests were conducted in the famous Pokhran, India was declared as the Nuclear state during Atalji’s time. However, it’s debatable to see how much advantage has India got from it in actual. Let’s move forward to the economy and infrastructure.

Golden Quadrilateral Highway Project

His most significant accomplishment in transportation was arguably the Golden Quadrilateral Highway initiative. You need to read about it in the textbook on the exam. It was the country’s biggest motorway network. It cost a total of 50,000 crore rupees. The time in 1999 the government of Vajpayeeji came and the total length of all the highway was 50,000 km In 2004 when his rule ended at that time the length of the highways was 65,000 Which means he made 15,000 km of highways in 5 years. For comparison during the period, the government of Manmohanji increased the length of the highways to 69,000 in ten years. But he did everything he did in 10 years, in 5 years.

Gramin Sadak Yojna (For Villages)

After this, his other success was of the Grahmin Sadak Yogna. To make roads reach every village. Delhi Metros, which is one of the most successful projects in today’s time, that project was also approved by Atalji. So, Nehru Ji was present in that debate. Should the government make the hotel or no? will it be in advantage or loss? I stood up, I was a new member. I said Government’s work is not to make the hotel but to make Hospitals. Nehruji got upset, he is the new member, he doesn’t understand the matter. We will make the hotel and from the profit of the hotel, we will make a hospital too. The hotel is still running in loss! Talking about economics than he very well continued P.V. Narsimha Rao’s historic economic liberalism reforms. In spite of facing so many problems during his government, he maintained a steady economic growth. There was a parliament attack in 1998-99, there were cyclones in 2001 and a devastating earthquake accounting for a loss of economics. There was a world oil crisis, 9/11 attack, parliament attack in India, and even Kargil war so these are such things due to which the economy can come down but he didn’t let it come down.

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