“Achhe Din” are Here in Rajasthan

Let’s start with the biggest and best news of this week Good days (Achhe) are here in Rajasthan !! But why are you becoming happy, good days haven’t come for you Good days are here for the ministers, for them you are part of a vote bank. Rajasthan Government has passed an ordinance according to which no investigation of any kind can take place against ministers, judges, magistrates, and all public servants without the permission of the state government. If there is any type of corruption charge against anyone of them None of the media will be allowed to report the same it will be considered illegal and criminal.

If any media house does report it, they will be charged and put into jail This is the first time in my lifetime I am listening to such a thing taking place in a democracy I pity Congress (the other majority party) now If Congress would have passed a similar law in 2008-09, then none of the scams like 2G, 3G would have ever come to light There’s a parliamentary session on Monday, October 23rd when this can become a law in the state of Rajasthan This is not the first time that corruption is being curbed or an attempt has been made to make it legal.

I have mentioned that in the month of March how corruption was legalized under the finance bill, the corruption did under the name of Corporate donations Friends, these days you must be seeing how online frauds under the name of Aadhar card are increasing in the country In order to fight against these frauds, Government of India has thought of an innovative idea

Digital India Cess Might be Coming Soon!

The innovative idea is that on every digital payment an additional security fees is charged, in other words, a transaction charge is applied. and the money collected from adding this security charge will be used to fight the online frauds.

Your Tax Money Spending Report (Diwali Week)

This is what the government has said Soon you will be able to see on every digital transaction done, there will be a DIGITAL INDIA CESS added Now you must be thinking what happened to the existing tax amount which you have already paid I will tell you where it has been used this week

You must be knowing that this is the week of Diwali On Diwali, Ram and Sita were traveling back to Ayodhya by helicopter There was another helicopter on top used to drop and spread flowers Now in order to hire both the helicopters, money is required That money used was the tax money you paid Secondly, you must have seen the Diwali advertisement showing Mr. Modi in Times Square, New York City This was for the people living in New York City and not for those living in India For an advert of 60 seconds, the amount spent was Rs. 13 crore Where did this money come from?

It was also the tax paid by you and not only this, even in building statues of Lord Ram, warrior Shivaji and Vallabh Bhai Patel; the money being used is the tax you paid Don’t get angry by watching this It must be you who demanded these statues because of which the government is playing the game of statue else they would have focused on developing schools and hospitals Back in 2015, the honorable Prime Minister had said ‘Criticism is the key in Democracy’ Later in his tweets also he said the same I agree 100% to what he says but looking at the actions of the central government, it seems like that they don’t believe in this in-fact the government is afraid of criticism.

Our Politicians are Scared of Criticism!

Kanpur, the police charged 22 traders because they compared PM Modi with Kim Jong-Un Look at the irony here, for such a small thing they have arrested them. Another instance which took place last week was when a CRPF constable was fired from a job and then arrested because he wrote something on social media against PM Modi and another constable from the state of Maharashtra was fired for sharing an anti-PM message on WhatsApp

So Mr. Prime servant, if similar things keep taking place one day will come when every Indian will compare you to Kim Jong-Un because this is a Democracy, not a Dictatorship and the same can’t be run here by arresting anyone who criticizes and it’s not only BJP, last week in the state of West Bengal two people were arrested for criticizing traffic restrictions on Facebook and this is a state-run by Mamta Banerjee Dear politicians, what is this happening? Looks like all of you politicians are flying high, what do you think of yourself !! See, the common man will criticize you and your policies If you continue to put people in jail for criticizing, soon there won’t be enough jails left around.

Girl Dies of Hunger Due to Aadhaar Card in Jharkhand

Very disturbing news comes from the state of Jharkhand where a girl aged 11 years has died because her family didn’t link the Ration Card with Aadhar Card When she went to the store to buy some food, the store in-charge neglected by stating that you can’t buy anything until the cards are linked Due to this, there was no food for 3-4 days and the little girl died At the same time, the state minister for food says that linking the cards is not important Friends, there is a lot of confusion being created in relation to Aadhar card and GST, that people around the entire nation are confused and this is not the only incident depicting the same

The same is happening with GST especially when it’s related to Aadhar Card Sometimes they mention that linking the Aadhar card with a bank account is mandatory sometimes there is a notification from RBI under RTI reply that linking isn’t mandatory Sometimes the RBI releases another notification mentioning that linking is mandatory but ‘Applicable in special cases only’ There’s so much confusion generated from the governments’ side that it is unclear as to what needs to be done or not because of which we all have to face the circumstances and unfortunately this has now resulted into peoples death Friends, in the ‘Photo of the Week’ segment,

I want to show you a glimpse from the day of Diwali festival On the occasion of Diwali, buses and metro trains in Singapore were decorated based on the theme of Diwali This is something which you could have seen if you were in Singapore Ayodhya was also very well decorated this time River banks in Ayodhya were decorated with hundreds of thousands of small oil lit lamps known as diyas But there was nothing to be seen at the Golden Temple, the picture showed is FAKE

Joyita Mondal is India’s First Transgender Judge

The First Good news has come for the LGBT community of India from the state of West Bengal where Joyita Mondal becomes India’s first Transgender Judge Her dream is for her community to be accepted by the society and transgenders get job opportunities the same way like any common man The state government of Kerala is doing a wonderful job in a related topic State of Kerala is the foremost in India for this work This year, state of Kerala gave jobs to 23 transgenders in Kochi Metro If you live in New Delhi, there’s some good news !!

Delhi’s Direct Democracy Model Being Expanded

The Delhi government for the first time has given the people the right to vote and decide whether they want Liquor stores in their respective neighborhoods or not The same has already been implemented. for example, In Rohini sector 16 & 17 local residents didn’t like the presence of liquor stores in their area They met with the local MLA, where the MLA called upon a meeting with the local residents and the welfare association where after voting, two liquor stores were decided to be closed.

New Projects Worth 750 Crs in Gujarat Founded

Those who live in the state of Gujarat, there’s good news for you too !! as soon as the election commission announced the date of elections for the state of Himachal Pradesh, they were about to do the same for the state of Gujarat too, but they didn’t. which resulted in the awakening of the Gujarat government as if they got a shock and during the last week itself the state government-funded projects worth 750 crores. A zero interest crop loan scheme was introduced for the farmers, in which if farmers take loans up to Rs. 3 lacks, they won’t be charged any interest. and numerous people against whom 400-500 cases were going on, those cases were closed.

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